SIMI terrorists in jail on hunger strike for four days

  • Demanding permission for newspaper, library, clock, Group Namaz

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
The terrorists of the banned organization SIMI, lodged in the high security cell of the Central Jail located in the capital, have been on strike for four days to fulfill their demands of giving newspaper, library, Group Namaz and watch. One of these SIMI terrorists is on hunger strike since the month of August. However, according to the jail administration, their demands are illegal from the security point of view. The jail administration has informed the CMHO, along with the headquarters, about the situation through a letter.

According to the information, earlier Faizal and Kamran were on strike after being lodged in high security jail, the terrorists had started the strike from September 14 for their illegal demands. Two days later, on September 16, the jail management got information about the hunger strike, after which the health of the prisoners was monitored.

According to sources, Qamaruddin son of Chand Mohammad Nagauri , Ujjain was sentenced to life imprisonment in the year 2017. Shibli son Karim, a resident of Kerala, was also sentenced to life imprisonment. Both were associated with SIMI organization. The special thing is that Abu Faizal and Kamran are behind instigating the terrorists for their demands. Both of them had earlier started a hunger strike. Due to their involvement in terrorist and anti-national activities, all four terrorists have been kept in the high security unit of Bhopal.

Four SIMI prisoners are sitting on strike. Four different teams have gone on hunger strike. Kamran was the first to sit on 8th August. All four prisoners are serving death sentence and life imprisonment for serious anti-national activities. Their demands are illegal and against the jail manual. They have also gone on hunger strike in Parvu. They have also written letters to the authorities in this regard. Officials say that they should be kept as per the jail manual.
–       Saroj Mishra
–       Deputy Superintendent, Central Jail Bhopal

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