Shri ji’s procession taken out at end of Dasalakshan festival

Bhopal: Uttam Brahmachari Vrat puja was performed at Station Bajaria Shri Mahavir Jinalaya on Thursday. On Anant Chaudas, the salvation of Lord Vasupujya was celebrated by offering laddus. Spokesperson Narendra Jain told that in the afternoon, the grand procession of Shri Ji passed 80 feet road from Mahavir Jinalaya, passing through Mahamai’s garden and ended at Manglik Bhawan.

Bhaiya Abhishek Shastri explained the importance of celibacy in the sermon. Brahmachari means soul. To be engrossed in Him alone is to be celibate. This is the nature of the soul. When the soul becomes engrossed in itself and there is a feeling of happiness due to this engrossment, it is supernatural. In comparison to this, the value of the wealth, glory, opulence and state of the three worlds is negligible. Its name is Uttam Brahmachari Dharma. Station Bajaria President Rajeev Panchratna and the society joined the procession of Shri Ji by singing and dancing from door to door with aarti and devotion of Shri Ji.

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