Shivraj accuses Priyanka of spreading falsehoods

Bhopal: On Saturday, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan addressed a big election rally in support of BJP candidates Manju Rajendra Dadu from Nepanagar, Kalu Singh Thakur from Dharampuri, and Rajkumar Meo from the Maheshwar assembly constituency.

During his speech, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh took a strong stance against the Congress and Priyanka Gandhi for their recent visit to Madhya Pradesh. He accused Priyanka Gandhi of spreading falsehoods and questioned her about the promises made by the Congress in the last assembly elections.

Chouhan asserted that the Congress has shown hostility towards Lord Ram and the Ram Temple. He questioned how Congress, which had banners and pictures of Lord Ram’s temple removed, could remove Lord Ram from the hearts of the people. Chouhan emphasized that Lord Ram is deeply revered by millions of people, and no one can erase that from their hearts.

65,000 youth received appointment letters

Furthermore, Chouhan criticized Priyanka Gandhi for her statements during her visit to Madhya Pradesh. He labeled her and her party as habitual liars and accused them of making false claims. He refuted Priyanka’s claim that only 21 appointments were made in three years, stating that 65,000 youth had received appointment letters in the current year alone.

Chouhan also reminded Priyanka Gandhi of her brother Rahul Gandhi’s promise to waive loans within ten days, which was never fulfilled. He questioned why the Congress stopped various welfare programs for the poor, including the Sambal Yojana and financial assistance for newborns and daughters’ weddings. Chouhan demanded answers about the suspension of the pilgrimage scheme for the elderly and the failure to send a list of farmers to the Prime Minister for the Kisan Samman Nidhi.

CM says committed to support women

Chouhan underlined his commitment to supporting and respecting women and criticized the Congress for not sharing these values. He mentioned that he performs Kanyapujan and organizes Kanya Bhoj to honor women, while the Congress criticizes these actions as mere theatrics. Chouhan also condemned a derogatory statement made by Digvijay Singh about women and stressed the importance of treating women with respect and dignity.

Additionally, Chouhan shared a heartwarming moment from his campaign, where he had a meal with the Barela community sisters and accepted an invitation from a young girl who had received a scooty as a gift. He visited her home, enjoyed tea with her family, and even had a Rakhi tied by the girl’s mother, expressing his deep appreciation for their hospitality and warmth.

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