Severe heat wave to continue in many regions

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh is expected to continue experiencing scorching heat even on Friday, with severe heat waves forecasted for regions including Gwalior, Chambal, and Malwa-Nimar. Temperatures are anticipated to remain above 45 degrees Celsius.

Gwalior and Chambal regions are on red alert for heat waves, with 33 districts in total expected to face intense heat. Prithvipur in Niwari district has been the hottest place for the past three days, recording a temperature of 47.5 degrees Celsius. Other areas like Khajuraho have also seen temperatures exceeding 47 degrees Celsius. The heat waves have impacted several districts, including Gwalior, Niwari, Bhopal, and Indore, affecting a total of 36 districts.

The top 10 hottest cities in Madhya Pradesh currently are Prithvipur, Khajuraho, Datia, Satna, Sidhi, Gwalior, Rewa, Shivpuri, Nowgaon, and Tikamgarh. Khajuraho recorded a temperature of 47.4 degrees, Datia 46.7 degrees, Satna 46.7 degrees, Sidhi 46.6 degrees, Gwalior 46.4 degrees, Rewa 46.2 degrees, Shivpuri 46 degrees, and Nowgaon and Tikamgarh 45.5 degrees. In major cities, Bhopal recorded 44.1 degrees, Indore 40.8 degrees, Jabalpur 42.7 degrees, and Ujjain 41.5 degrees. Pachmarhi had the lowest temperature at 36.4 degrees, and Narmadapuram recorded 38.8 degrees. Various districts have been impacted by the heatwaves, including Gwalior, Prithvipur, Khajuraho, Datia, Satna, Sidhi, Rewa, Shahdol, Shivpuri, Nowgaon, Damoh, and Tikamgarh.

According to Arun Sharma, a scientist from IMD Bhopal, the heat wave is expected to persist for another dayin Madhya Pradesh, particularly in the northern regions where hot winds will blow. Temperatures in Gwalior, Datia, and Niwari districts are projected to range between 46 to 47 degrees Celsius. The heat wave is anticipated to weaken by June 1, although temperatures are still expected to rise.

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