Senegal’s Prez dissolves govt, appoints new PM

Dakar, Mar 7 (UNI) Senegalese President Macky Sall dissolved the country’s government on Wednesday and appointed Interior Minister Sidiki Kaba as the country’s new prime minister, Senegalese broadcaster RTS reported.

Earlier on Wednesday, AFP reported, citing a court document, that Senegal’s Constitutional Council ruled that the presidential election in Senegal must be held before April 2, the day Sall’s mandate ends.

In early February, the Senegalese parliament passed a law postponing the presidential election until December 15, 2024, as the opposition was forced out of parliament before the vote. ECOWAS has expressed concern over the postponement and urged the authorities to set a new date for the election.

In mid-February, the Senegalese Constitutional Court annulled Sall’s decree on rescheduling the presidential election. The ruling stated that the law on the postponement of the election, adopted on February 5, contradicted the country’s constitution. Later, Senegal’s Constitutional Council released the list of 19 candidates who were allowed to run in the country’s presidential election.

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