SDM suspended after video surfaces

Video shows youths assaulted in his presence

Bhopal: Bandhavgarh Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Amit Singh has been suspended following the circulation of a viral video depicting the assault of two youths who allegedly overtook his official vehicle. The incident has led to the registration of a case against SDM Singh, his driver, and two other officials. The victims, Prakash Dahiya and Shivam Yadav, sustained severe injuries and were promptly taken to the hospital.

The 9-second video, widely shared on social media, shows a white car with an SDM poster parked at the roadside while a group of men beats the two youths with sticks. The Civil Line police station in Umaria received reports of the altercation, stating that the victims were badly injured during a fight with vehicle owners.

According to Dahiya, the altercation began when a car displaying an ‘SDM’ poster abruptly stopped in front of them. Subsequently, two to three men exited the vehicle and started assaulting Dahiya and his friend Yadav with sticks, allegedly for overtaking the SDM’s car.

SDM Amit Singh, however, denied the accusations, asserting that the assault did not occur in his presence. He claimed that one of the victims was driving recklessly and was on the verge of colliding with his official vehicle. Singh maintained that he intervened by stopping his car to de-escalate the situation upon witnessing the attack on the youths.

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