SBILD marks Women’s Day with series of events

Bhopal : SBILD Bhopal commemorated International Women’s Day with a series of impactful events. The day was marked with a spirit of inclusivity, recognizing the achievements of women while also highlighting the ongoing efforts to achieve gender parity. The programme started with a tree plantation by women to further augment Sustainability efforts of SBI. During programme a powerful deliberation by all woman participants. Thought-provoking deliberation by Dr Vinay Sarangi Rajaram (Renowned Writer and activist) , Dr Indira Dangi (Renowned Writer and Principle Govt College) along with Shri Sanjay Kumar, Director SBILD Bhopal. During the deliberation issues such as gender stereotypes, workplace discrimination, and the importance of women’s empowerment in driving societal progress has been discussed, Dr Indira Dangi shared her personal journeys, inspiring the participants with their stories of resilience and determination in overcoming obstacles.

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