SBI initiates tree plantation drive in BHEL area

Bhopal: During a notable environmental initiative, the State Bank of India joined hands with Lalitamba Social Welfare Society to commence an extensive tree plantation campaign in BHEL campus, Bhopal. The purpose of this initiative is to minimize the impact of human activities on the environment and sow seeds for a green and sustainable future. The goal is to plant various types of trees by February 28th, including diverse species.

Several prominent figures from the SBI participated in the program, including Mr. O.P. Mishra, Deputy Managing Director – Human Resources and Corporate Development Officer, Mr. Binod Kumar Mishra – Deputy Managing Director, Mr. Chander Shekhar Sharma – Chief General Manager, Mr. Kundan Jyoti – General Manager, Mr. Ajitav Parashar – General Manager, Mr. Neeraj Prasad – General Manager, Mr. Deepak Kumar Jha – DGM & CirDO along with other officials, contributed significantly to this tree plantation initiative.

Mr. O.P. Mishra, Deputy Managing Director – Human Resources and Development Officer, highlighted the importance of trees and emphasized the Bank’s significant contributions towards environmental conservation and carbon neutrality. He mentioned that SBI consistently organizes extensive tree plantation programs, playing a vital role in environmental preservation.

Further reinforcing this stance, Mr. Binod Kumar Mishra, Deputy Managing Director, stressed the significance of personal contributions to the environment and advised everyone to plant more and more trees. According to him, this will ensure clean air and water accessibility for future generations. He applauded the Lalitamba Social Welfare Society’s efforts in environmental conservation and regular tree planting activities in Madhya Pradesh.

He praised the collaboration between the State Bank of India and Lalitamba Social Welfare Society and recognized this tree planting program as a vital step in conserving the environment in the coming years.

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