Roads of Arera Colony dilapidated

  • Code of conduct puts halt on filling of potholes

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
The roads of Arera Colony of the capital have been completely destroyed by the wheels of dumpers due to the Metro and GG flyover work.

The wheels of the car are hitching on the dilapidated roads. Due to this the residents are facing a lot of problems. Even after seeing all this, the Municipal Corporation officers have become so careless. The election code of conduct has been imposed, but before this no attention has been paid to repairing these roads, let alone filling the potholes.

As a result, the condition of these roads is likely to improve only after the code of conduct is abolished. Arera Colony is the biggest and posh colony of Bhopal. There are about 2 thousand houses here, which are bungalow shaped. But the potholes on the roads here have made life difficult for the residents.

Residents don’t open windows due to fear of dust

The roads inside the Arera Colony area are now hidden in potholes. People are troubled by the speed of running heavy vehicles along with the traffic inside the colony and the flying dust. People are not able to open the windows of their houses. People are afraid of falling ill due to dust particles entering their homes. In fact, due to the construction work going on day and night for the metro and flyovers, residents are experiencing dilapidated roads. Two years ago the roads of this same Arera Colony used to sparkle. But now instead of roads, only potholes are visible.

Service road ends in front of Kamlapati station

The administration had built a service road for the residents of Arera Colony during the metro work, which is now finished. The asphalt on this road was uprooted. Now only ballast is visible. The service road built from Ganesh temple to Pragati petrol pump has been completely uprooted. Vehicles have now started crawling on it. There is resentment among the residents regarding the poor condition of this road.

Risk of diseases due to flying dust

Prahlad Vishwakarma, a businessman from Arera Colony, said that the roads have been damaged due to the dumpers running here for construction work. Along with this, there is a danger of diseases due to flying dust. It is true that development work should be done, but roads should not be damaged. The Municipal Corporation has not even repaired the potholes on the roads here in the last two years, let alone filling them with sludge. People facing lots of trouble. Get these potholed roads repaired soon. Similarly, resident Pradeep Rai said that the tires of his four-wheeler have got damaged due to potholes. A decade ago, after seeing the shining roads here, I thought that there would be freedom from dust and dilapidated roads, but due to the metro and flyover work, the roads have become full of potholes.

= Metro and flyover are being constructed in the new city. Since the construction work is going on from Gayatri Temple to Ganesh Temple via Rani Kamlapati Station. For this reason, the Municipal Corporation is currently not able to get the roads in these areas rebuilt. After their construction work is completed before the rains, all the bad roads of the area will be improved. The Municipal Corporation has prepared an action plan in this regard.

–       Premshankar Shukla,
–       PRO Municipal Corporation

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