Rising mercury, humidity makes people sweat

Bhopal: Monsoon systems will be active again in Madhya Pradesh from September 4-5. According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the rainy season is expected to begin again in the state. There may be moderate to heavy rain at some places in the eastern part of the state. However, at present heat and humidity is making people sweat in the entire state. Gwalior remained the hottest for the fifth consecutive day on Sunday.

Break in monsoon since Aug 23-24

There is monsoon break in the state since August 23-24, which continues in the first week of September as well. Due to this the effect of heat has intensified. September is as humid as March-April. However, due to the activity of the local system, light drizzles are also occurring at some places. On Saturday, the day temperature in 34 cities in the state crossed 30 degrees mark.

Power cuts in rural areas

The indifference of the monsoon in Madhya Pradesh has increased the tension of the government. Rivers, ponds and dams are empty due to less rainfall in August. There has been a decline in hydro power generation i.e. generation of electricity from water.

On the first day of September the demand for electricity has crossed 14.5 thousand MW. In such a situation, the Energy Department has issued a plan to cut electricity supply in rural areas. For this, the districts have been divided into three categories.

Electricity supply in rural areas of the districts will be only only for 7 hours. Till now the power companies were providing 10 hours of electricity for irrigation in rural areas. Now, in view of the circumstances created due to the rain crisis, it has been decided to make cuts.

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