Results come unilaterally in Bamori assembly

  • Panchayat Minister Sisodia’s credibility at stake
  • Congress also has special interest in Bamori


Chandra Prakash Manjhi, Guna,

Bamori assembly seat, which came into existence in Madhya Pradesh after delimitation in 2008, is at the center of discussion this time too. State Panchayat and Rural Development Minister Mahendra Singh Sisodia has been MLA from here thrice. This time, Sisodia is facing the challenge of not only winning but also getting the ticket.

There is talk of sending Mahendra Singh Sisodia, who ruled Bamori unilaterally in the years 2013, 2018 and 2020, to Raghogarh. That’s why election excitement has increased in Bamori assembly. However, Sisodia does not want to leave his stronghold and will try to contest elections from Bamori at any cost. On the other hand, Congress is trying hard to defeat Mahendra Singh Sisodia because Bamori MLA and Panchayat Minister Sisodia had played an important role in toppling the Kamal Nath government. He was leading the 17 MLAs who were the first to reach Bangalore. Overall, BJP is fighting to retain its hold on this assembly while Congress’ dream is to defeat the rebellious Sisodia.

The history of Bamori assembly seat has been that here the election contest begins with a tough fight. In the beginning it is difficult to assess who will win and who will suffer defeat. Even though, Kanhaiyalal Agarwal, who was then in BJP, won the 2008 election from Bamori Assembly by a small margin of 4778 votes, but then Congress rebel Devendra Singh Raghuvanshi spoiled his calculations. Otherwise, there was a possibility that Mahendra Singh Sisodia, who was then contesting the election from the Congress, would have defeated Agarwal with a huge margin. However, in the year 2013, Sisodia’s dream was fulfilled and he had to beat Kanhaiyalal by 18561 votes. After this, the 2018 election turned into a triangular struggle due to the rebellion. BJP changed the candidate and gave ticket to Brijmohan Singh Azad. That’s why Kanhaiyalal Agarwal stood independent and he spoiled the game of BJP. In the year 2020, even when the BJP toppled the Kamal Nath government, Bamori and Mahendra Singh Sisodia had a big contribution. Mahendra Singh Sisodia, who joined BJP, got 62 percent votes, breaking all records. At that time no one had even guessed that in spite of the huge Adivasi, Sahariya and Dalit vote bank, Kanhaiyalal Agarwal would get only 29.41 percent votes and he would have to face defeat by a huge margin of 51 thousand 153 votes.

Overall, Bamori has always given a one-sided mandate. Therefore, this time also there is every possibility that the public will shower votes on either of the two major parties. If we look at the current equations, the chances of Mahendra Singh Sisodia contesting the elections are more than 90 percent. If he is not ready to go to Raghogarh, the BJP will give him a ticket and the chances of Agarwal’s son Rishi or Sumer Singh Garha from the Congress side are high. However, this time Congress can also field candidates from Kirar-Dhakad society. There can also be a new experiment from the BJP, as surprising everyone, in the year 2018, the party made Brijmohan Singh Azad of Kirar Samaj its candidate. Then Kanhaiyalal Agarwal’s defeat by a large margin in 2013 had become an obstacle in giving him the ticket again. Congress’s interest in Bamori can be gauged from the fact that its leaders Laxman Singh and Jaivardhan Singh are visiting here. Both the leaders have attacked Mahendra Singh Sisodia by name several times. It remains to be seen whether Bamori will keep its history intact and decide the victory or defeat by a big margin or this time the contest is going to be really tough.

BJP’s contender in Bamori assembly

This has been the traditional seat of Panchayat and Rural Development Minister Mahendra Singh Sisodia. However, he has also been an MLA from Congress and when BJP gave him the ticket, he defeated Kanhaiyalal Agarwal, who was contesting from Congress, by a record 53 thousand 153 votes. That’s why his claim is looking strong this time too. However, the organization of Bharatiya Janata Party can send Mahendra Singh Sisodia to challenge a strong candidate like Jaivardhan Singh in Raghogarh and it is possible to consider the names of old party workers Mahendra Singh Samarsinga, O N Sharma in Bamori. Both these leaders have played an important role in strengthening the BJP organization in Bamori. Whose reward can be received now.

Contenders of Congress in Bamori Assembly –
Despite the record defeat of Congress contender Kanhaiyalal Agarwal in Bamori Assembly, the party still has faith in him. But this time the preparation was done by his son Eng. Rishi Agarwal is preparing to contest the elections. His name has also been prominently included in the candidate panel of Congress. Apart from Rishi, the name of Sumer Singh Garha, very close to Digvijay Singh and former District Panchayat President, is also trending among the contenders for Bamori. Sumer Singh Garha is a senior leader of the party, but he was never given a ticket before.

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