Research in Indian knowledge tradition will be encouraged: CM

Two-day workshop on Indian Knowledge Tradition begins at Nutan College

Bhopal: Governor Mangubhai Patel and Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav inaugurated the two-day workshop by lighting the lamp on various contexts of Indian knowledge tradition under the National Education Policy-2020. Higher Education Minister Inder Singh Parmar, Director Madhya Pradesh Hindi Granth Academy Ashok Kadail and Secretary Education Culture Upliftment Trust Dr. Atul Kothari also addressed the inaugural session held at Government Sarojini Naidu Girls Post Graduate College, Bhopal. Additional Chief Secretary Higher Education K.C. Gupta welcomed the guests by presenting Angavastram, Tulsi plant and souvenirs.

Governor Patel and Chief Minister Dr. Yadav, on the occasion of the inauguration of Indian Knowledge Traditions Miscellaneous Reference Workshop, remotely reviewed the expansion, renovation and barrier-free work of Government Sarojini Naidu Girls Post Graduate College, Bhopal worth Rs. 860.82 lakhs and Government College, Sirali Harda, built at a cost of Rs. 617.82 lakhs. Dr. Yadav was honored by Higher Education Minister Inder Singh Parmar by presenting a congratulatory letter and memento for Madhya Pradesh’s achievement in All India Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER 28.4) in the year 2021-22, more than the national level (28.9). In the inaugural session, a short film based on the achievements of the Higher Education Department and Indian knowledge tradition was also shown.

Governor Patel has said that the Indian knowledge tradition has guided the entire world. The knowledge received from India has led to the spread of knowledge related to mathematics, astrology, astronomy, medicine and spirituality in Arab, Europe, Central Asia, East and South Asian countries.

NEP to give direction to youth power

Governor Patel said that the youth power of the nation is the carrier and beneficiary of change. Education curriculum is a great campaign to write the future of future generations, give direction to youth power and shape the vision of development. To create a rich generation based on the Indian knowledge tradition that will keep the national interest paramount, it is necessary that colleges and universities make students knowledgeable and skilled.

Governor Patel said that Indian knowledge tradition has been rich since ancient times, be it the theory of relativity of Indian philosophy, plastic surgery, discovery of zero, astrology and medical science of Ayurveda, India has been leading in all fields. He said that the national education policy is the great sacrifice to achieve this pride of India, to make it a world leader, to prepare a capable and efficient generation for the global competition of the 21st century and to awaken the nation..

Indian culture does not believe in limiting knowledge

Chief Minister Dr. Yadav has said that Indian culture and tradition does not believe in limiting knowledge, according to Rigveda, knowledge should be accepted from wherever it comes. There is a patent system in the West, which is based on earning profit from knowledge. Whereas in India the Rishi tradition was not stopped within the boundaries of any state. We believe that Rishis are for the entire world, the one who spends his entire life in research for the betterment of the society is the Rishi tradition. Shruti and Smriti have kept Indian culture and knowledge tradition intact. The State Government is committed to encourage research in universities in the field of Indian knowledge tradition.

Universities will be developed holistically

Chief Minister Dr. Yadav said that the Higher Education Department, which paves the way for the future of the young generation, is very important for the state government. Universities in the state will be developed holistically. The quality of the state’s universities will be made so effective that students from the country as well as from abroad will be eager to study in the state. A university is being established in the name of Kranti Surya Tantya Mama in the state.

The Chief Minister was honored for the state achieving more than the national level in the All India Gross Enrollment Ratio (GRE).
Indian Knowledge Tradition Cells will be formed at the state level and all universities.
Indian knowledge tradition has shown the world the path, says Governor

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