Religious leaders come together and pray for world peace

Bhopal: The Archdiocese of Bhopal organised an inter-religious prayer meeting at Seva Sadan, Tulsi Nagar, with different religious leaders of the city. P.R.O. Fr. Alfred D’Souza welcomed all the guests present. Religious leaders from Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, Christian, and Brahmakumari communities participated and prayed for world peace.

In his message, Ayub Ali said that wherever there is unrest and instability, the common man is affected the most. Therefore, it is the duty of every human being to make every effort to bring peace for himself as well as for others.”

Sardar Gyani Gurpej Singh said, We have to spread the message of brotherhood and peace by discovering that God is within us.

Brahma Kumari Hema Didi said, “We are made up of the five elements of the earth, and if one day we have to merge with those elements, then why do we waste time on useless things? Let us together seek peace for a better future.”

Bhante Shakyaputra Sagar said that Gautam Buddha left everything for the establishment of peace and continued to teach peace and harmony till his lifetime. Similarly, we should take inspiration from those great personalities who dedicated their lives to promoting peace.

Mahant Anilanand said that, above all, it is the supreme duty of all of us to protect nature and every creation in which the essence of a living being resides.

Archbishop A.A.S. Durairaj SVD, quoting “One Earth, One Family, and One Future”, said that the motto of the G20 challenges us to protect our Mother Earth, take care of this as one family, and promote a prosperous future for the world.

At the end, everyone together paid tribute to the people who lost their lives in various war-torn areas by lighting candles and remaining silent for one minute. The inter-religious prayer meeting concluded with the national anthem.

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