‘Ram and EVM are your political weapons’

  • Former CM Digvijay says – Show courage to conduct Lok Sabha elections through ballot paper

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Former CM of Madhya Pradesh Digvijay Singh is continuously attacking the Election Commission and the BJP government regarding EVMs.

On Sunday, he wrote on his social media account X that Bharat Ratna, Ram Mandir and EVM are political weapons of BJP. On this, BJP MLA Siddharth Tiwari retaliated. He asked Digvijay Singh whether Kamal Nath won Chhindwara by fraud. He also challenged Digvijay to fight elections from Rewa parliamentary constituency. Digvijay Singh wrote on X, “Prime Minister Modi ji, you have given 5 Bharat Ratna awards in a fortnight. Is this another weapon in your political game? There is no doubt that everyone had a huge contribution in the national politics and progress of India, then why not Kashiram to please sister and Balasaheb Thackeray ji to please Uddhav? Go ahead Modi ji!”

= BJP MLA Siddharth Tiwari challenged him to contest from Rewa – Retweeting Digvijay Singh’s tweet, BJP MLA Siddharth Raj Tiwari from Teonthar seat of Rewa district wrote – Digvijay Singh, are you saying that Kamalnath has won the election from Chhindwara from fraud. I challenge you to fight the 2024 Loksabha election from the Rewa Loksabha seat. Since your staunch supporters find you universally acceptable, this will not be a challenge for you.

= Siddharth is the grandson of Srinivas Tiwari and son of former Congress MP, late Sunder Lal Tiwari. It is known that Siddharth Tiwari is the grandson of late senior Congress leader and former Assembly Speaker and son of former Congress MP, late Sunder Lal Tiwari. Even before the assembly elections, Siddharth had left Congress and joined BJP. BJP gave him an assembly ticket from Tyonthar and he was successful in winning the election. After leaving Congress, he fiercely attacked Digvijay Singh and Kamal Nath.

= Ram and EVM in political arsenal

Digvijay Singh further wrote- This will fit in your agenda for the 2024 Parliament elections. Why are you so frustrated? You already have Lord Ram and EVMs in your political arsenal. You have the courage to hold the 2024 Parliament elections through ballot, with such powerful issues. According to some certified surveys by dubious organizations abroad, you have the highest popularity rating in the world. Above Putin, Biden, Xi Jinping, then what are you afraid of? Go ahead and announce 2024 Parliament elections through ballot paper. Now Pakistan has also done this.

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