Rahul ran away from UP to Kerala: Rajnath Singh

Kottayam/Pathanamthitta, Apr 18 (UNI) Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh commented on Thursday that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has run away from Uttar Pradesh to Kerala, but the people of Wayanad have also decided to part ways with him this time.

Criticizing Rahul Gandhi’s decision to contest from Wayanad, suggesting that even the people of Wayanad have decided not to elect him as their MP, the Union Minister highlighted the alleged collusion between the Congress and Left parties in Kerala and accused them of working together to deceive the public.

Rajnath Singh also mentioned corruption allegations against the Kerala government, including the cooperative bank scam, and assured the public that if NDA candidates are elected by double digits, the Central Government will investigate these allegations thoroughly.

The Union Minister was in Kerala to address public meetings at Kottayam, Pathanamthitta, Mavelikkara, and Kollam Lok Sabha constituencies.

He also highlighted the scams that occurred under the Congress and Left regimes, contrasting them with the public welfare and development initiatives undertaken during the tenure of the Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party.

He also praised Pathanamthitta candidate Anil K. Antony, son of senior Congress leader AK Antony, and emphasized that veteran leader AK Antony holds a special place in his heart.

Acknowledging the integrity of Anil Antony and stating that, despite being a leader of the Congress Party, his honesty is unquestionable, he said party constraints may prevent AK Antony from openly supporting his son Anil K Antony in the elections.

Encouraging Anil Antony to seek his father’s blessings, Rajnath Singh advised Anil to touch his father’s feet before casting his vote on election day as a mark of respect and reverence.

Singh emphasized the visionary ideology of the Bharatiya Janata Party, stating that it is the only party in the country with such a perspective.

He also highlighted the aspirations of India’s youth, who desire the progress and advancement of the BJP. Only the BJP can elevate India’s standing on the global stage under the leadership of Narendra Modi, he added.

Expressing confidence in the Bharatiya Janata Party’s efforts to build a better future for the country and its youth, he highlighted India’s economic progress, noting that it has risen from being the 11th largest economy to the fifth largest globally, citing financial projections estimating India to become the third-largest economy by 2027.

Rajnath Singh highlighted the statement of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi regarding corruption, where only 14 paise out of 100 reached the people and the rest, 86 paise, were lost to corruption.

Singh credited Narendra Modi for considering this challenge seriously and implementing measures to tackle it, pointing out that the Modi government established a robust ecosystem comprising Jan Dhan accounts, Aadhar cards, and mobile connectivity, ensuring that the entire amount reaches the intended beneficiaries.

Singh emphasized that ending corruption requires more than just speeches; it demands systemic changes.

He also highlighted India’s rapid progress in digital transformation, noting that it is the only country where such advancements have occurred swiftly. He mentioned the swift rollout of 5G in India and the preparations underway for 6G.

India leads globally in digital transactions, with 46 percent of the world’s transactions conducted through UPI within the country alone, he said.

Previously, India relied on imports for 92 percent of its mobile phones. However, today, not only is India manufacturing mobile phones domestically, but it is also exporting 92 percent of them to various countries worldwide.

“The Bharatiya Janata Party stands out as one of the most trustworthy political parties globally. It has a track record of fulfilling the promises outlined in its manifesto. The BJP pledged to revoke Article 370 and grant Union Territory status to Jammu and Kashmir, a commitment it successfully fulfilled.”

He affirmed that the BJP made a commitment to enact the Citizenship Amendment Act, and it fulfilled that promise. Despite attempts by Congress and CPM members to sow confusion about this law, it’s important to clarify that the Citizenship Amendment Act does not revoke anyone’s citizenship; rather, it extends citizenship to certain eligible individuals.

“The BJP government has always remained committed to the construction of the Ram Mandir. Fulfilling its promise, the BJP has constructed the grand Ram Mandir, and we have witnessed the sacred ‘Pran Pratishtha’ of Ram Lalla along with the inauguration of this historic mandir. Unlike parties that discriminate based on caste, religion, or creed, the Bharatiya Janata Party focuses on nation-building rather than mere political gains.”

He pointed out that during decades of Congress rule, promises were made to eradicate poverty, but unfortunately, poverty persisted and even worsened. Under the leadership of Narendra Modi, significant strides have been made towards lifting 25 crore people out of poverty.

He emphasized that the political opponents of the BJP currently lack substantial issues, which is why they resort to accusing the BJP of religious discrimination.

He highlighted that five Arab Muslim countries have bestowed their highest honors upon respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He reiterated that the BJP’s political ethos is not founded on religious discrimination but on principles of justice and equality for all.

He highlighted India’s remarkable achievements in space exploration, including the successful Mars mission with Mangalyaan and the historic landing of a lander on the south pole of the Moon. He also mentioned the BJP’s plans to launch the ambitious Gaganyaan mission within the next five years.

He took a dig at the Congress party and stated that while many successful launches have taken place, the Congress’s ‘Yuva Neta’, Rahul Yaan, has not been able to launch or land anywhere in the last 20 years.

He highlighted the long-standing absence of Congress and Communist parties in certain states, emphasizing their inability to regain power once voted out. He pointed out that the Congress hasn’t won elections in Tamil Nadu since 1962 and has been out of power in states like Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar, and Odisha for decades.

He noted that Congress doesn’t have a single MP in many states across the country, underscoring its diminishing presence in various regions.

He pointed out the diminishing influence of the Left Parties in states like Tripura and West Bengal, attributing it to the public’s realization that Congress and the Left Parties are unable to address public interests effectively. He highlighted the anti-national stance of the Left and Congress, citing Congress’s demand for proof of surgical and air strikes from the army.

Singh contrasted Kerala’s rich culture and open-minded people with the outdated ideologies of Congress and the LDF, suggesting that these parties are out of touch with the progressive mindset of the state’s populace.

Singh criticized the Congress for clinging to outdated 19th-century ideologies, emphasizing that even the birthplace of leftist ideas has moved away from leftism. He accused the Congress of being anti-OBC, highlighting its opposition to granting constitutional status to the Backward Classes Commission.

Singh asserted that during the BJP’s tenure over the last decade, significant efforts have been made to address the needs of all sections of society.

Singh highlighted India’s growing stature on the global stage by citing examples such as the successful evacuation of nurses from Iraq during the war and the safe return of Indian students stranded in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

He credited these accomplishments to the leadership of Narendra Modi, showcasing India’s ability to effectively handle crises and protect its citizens abroad.

Rajnath Singh highlighted a significant moment in Kerala’s political landscape, where the Supreme Court held the state government responsible for the financial crisis. He urged the public to support the BJP, emphasizing that political analysts also predict a strong performance by the party in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Kerala, potentially securing double-digit victories.

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