Rahul Gandhi slams BJP as “Bharatiya Chombu Party” at Karnataka rally

Ballari, April 26 (UNI) Using colorful language, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday dubbed the BJP as “Bharatiya Chombu Party.” and accused it of plundering public funds and leaving citizens with empty promises.

Gandhi, who launched the scathing attack on the BJP during a rally here, asserted, “(They) looted the public’s money in abundance, and in return (the public) was given an empty pot – this is Modi’s Bharatiya Chombu Party!” The statement, accompanied by a photograph of Gandhi holding a traditional round water pot, known as “chombu” in Kannada, underscored his criticism of the BJP’s alleged deception and lack of substantive governance.

Earlier in the day, Gandhi addressed similar gatherings in Vijayapura and Ballari, where he took potshots at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his recent speeches targeting the Congress. Gandhi remarked, “You have heard the prime minister’s speeches. He is scared. He may shed tears on stage.”

Gandhi also accused Modi of employing diversionary tactics, claiming that the prime minister shifts focus away from pressing issues by discussing unrelated topics such as China, and Pakistan, and symbolic gestures like clapping and mobile torchlights.

Furthermore, Rahul Gandhi responded to Modi’s recent allegations against the Congress regarding wealth redistribution and inheritance tax proposals. Referring to remarks made by Sam Pitroda, president of the Indian Overseas Congress, Rahul Gandhi dismissed Modi’s accusations as attempts to divert attention from substantive issues affecting the public.

In his critique of the BJP’s governance, Gandhi highlighted Karnataka’s purported disparity in receiving funds compared to its contributions. He alleged that the state received inadequate support for drought relief and a disproportionately low share of GST revenue.

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