Ragini Nayak targets BJP over rising onion prices

Bhopal: Congress National Spokesperson, Dr. Ragini Nayak, held a press conference on Sunday, where she launched a scathing critique of the Shivraj Government’s handling of the escalating onion prices.

She firmly cornered the government on this issue, and to emphasize the point, other party spokespersons standing beside her wore garlands made of onions. During the conference, Dr. Ragini Nayak even recited a poem that humorously criticized the BJP Government for the ongoing inflation woes.

Dr. Nayak stressed that the skyrocketing prices of onions in the state are causing great distress, with the public bearing the brunt of these price hikes. The cost of tomatoes had previously reached an exorbitant Rs 200 per kilogram, and now, onions are being sold at Rs 80 to 90 per kilogram. She accused the BJP of exacerbating the people’s suffering and called it an insensitive move.

In response to allegations made by BJP National Spokesperson and Member of Parliament Sudhanshu Trivedi, Dr. Nayak contended that the BJP tends to raise religious and communal issues during elections rather than addressing public concerns. She asserted that the BJP primarily engages in religious politics during electoral campaigns. Regarding the BJP’s candidate selections for Vidisha and Guna, she remarked that they have exhausted their pool of potential candidates and had to field tired individuals.

Dr. Nayak also highlighted the dire situation of farmers who are not receiving fair prices for their crops, causing them considerable distress. She questioned the silence of Union Minister Smriti Irani on the rising prices of gas cylinders and called for Meenakshi Lekhi to explain the reasons behind the doubling of prices for essentials like flour, pulses, and milk in Madhya Pradesh. In summary, Dr. Ragini Nayak criticized the BJP for overseeing inflation without addressing the public’s needs, job scarcity, and the mounting debt, which has now exceeded Rs 4.50 lakh crore.

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