Quick redressal of complaints through cVIGIL app

Bhopal: Chief Electoral Officer Anupam Rajan said that as soon as the Model Code of Conduct came into force, complaints were received on the cVIGIL app. Till March 22, a total of 173 complaints have been received through this app from all the districts of the state. All these complaints have been resolved promptly.

Rajan has requested the citizens of the state that if they want to make any direct complaint related to violation of Model Code of Conduct in elections, they can do so through cVIGIL app. The concerned citizen will have to go to Google Play Store and download the cVIGIL app. For this, whenever a citizen gets information about any such incident, he will have to upload a photo or video on the cVIGIL app. After receiving the complaint, action will be taken within the next 100 minutes.

cVIGIL app has been developed by the Election Commission of India for redressal of complaints regarding violation of Model Code of Conduct. Through this app, any citizen can prevent the political parties or candidates from distributing money, material, clothes, jewellery, etc. in any way to woo the voters, threatening the voters to vote in their favour, sending voters in their vehicle, they can complain about transportation, putting promotional material on the building or walls of a building owner without his permission or advertising on walls.

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