Preserve items found during Gyanvapi’s survey: court to Varanasi admin

Varanasi, Sep 14 (UNI) The Varanasi district court has directed the district administration to preserve the items and materials found from the Gyanvapi complex during the scientific survey by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

Counsel of plaintiff number 1 Rakhi Singh, Anupam Dwivedi said that the court of District Judge Dr Ajay Krishna Vishvesha passed the order on Wednesday. The plaintiff in her application had accused the Anjuman Intezamia Masajid Committee, defendant number 4, of destroying evidence found from Gyanvapi complex.

The court in its order said, “Considering all the facts and keeping in mind that a scientific survey of the site in question is being done by the ASI currently. It seems right that the items and material found during the survey of the site in question whether it is related to case, or Hindu religion or method or worship or could be important in disposal of the case from historical or archaeological point of view the ASI should hand over such things to the District Magistrate or the officer nominated by him.”

The court said, “The officer will preserve the items and produce the same in court whenever summoned by it. The ASI will prepare a list of the items found during the survey and submit a copy in the court and hand over another copy to the District Magistrate.”

It may be noted that on September 8 the district court granted an additional 4 weeks time to the ASI to complete the scientific survey of the Gyanvapi mosque complex on the application moved by the agency.

The ASI in an application moved in the district court on September 2 had sought an additional 8 weeks time to complete its scientific survey of the Gyanvapi complex. While admitting the ASI’s application partially the court of District Judge Ajay Krishna Vishvesha granted 4 weeks additional time to the agency to complete the survey and scientific investigation.

The court directed the ASI to submit its report by October 6 and to follow the orders passed by the Allahabad High Court and the Supreme Court regarding the survey. The court said that it agreed with the ASI counsel that the survey work could not be completed in a haste.

It said that it takes time to prepare scientific investigation, survey and photographs. Besides, it said that the ASI has to ensure that no harm was caused to the figures and structure as directed by the court in its order on July 21.

The application to give additional time to the ASI to complete the survey was however opposed by the Muslim side. On the behalf of the Muslim side, it was submitted that two trucks of debris had been removed from the mosque complex and ASI was carrying excavation work in the basement which may cause damage to the Gyanvapi structure.

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