Potable water use banned at construction sites & car washing centres: Atishi

New Delhi, May 30 (UNI) Delhi government on Thursday imposed a ban on usage of potable water at construction sites, car washing and repairing centres stating that these establishments will be sealed if found violating the ban.

Addressing the media, Delhi cabinet minister Atishi said, “We are forming 200 enforcement teams of Delhi Jal Board which will check that no borewell is damaged or clogged.

The use of potable water is banned on construction sites and if any construction site is found doing so, that site will be sealed by MCD.

“Delhi government is taking one more emergency measure to prevent water shortage in the national capital. There are many car repair and car washing centres that are using potable water… Delhi Jal Board’s drinking water. We are banning the use of drinking water by the Delhi Jal Board from being used in car washing and repair centres,” Atishi said.

“From tomorrow, teams of DPCC will conduct inspections of car washing and repairing centres,” she added.

She further appealed people to not to misuse water emphasising, “Delhi is facing an emergency situation because of heatwave and water not being released from Haryana.”

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