Police raid contractors’ houses in Indore

  • Documents related to Municipal Corporation seized; fake bill scam reaches Rs 1.25 crore

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
On Sunday, the police conducted raids at the houses of those accused in the fake drainage bill scam of more than Rs 100 crore in Indore Municipal Corporation. The officers arrived with heavy police force and searched the houses. During this time the police got hold of documents and vehicles. All the accused are still out of police reach.

According to the information, the police team first reached the house of accused Rahul Vadhera in DB City Up Town, Nipania. Municipal corporation officers were also with him. Rahul has a luxurious bungalow here. Police searched his house and seized documents and two vehicles. Along with Rahul, his wife Renu is also being searched. After this the team reached Madinanagar and searched the houses of accused Mohammad Siddiq, Mohammad Sajid and Mohammad Zakir. Due to the fear of contractors fleeing abroad, the police will also issue Red Corner Notice.

Firms were blacklisted

Municipal Commissioner Shivam Verma has blacklisted the contractor firms and frozen their accounts. Police have registered a case against Mohammad Sajid of Foundation Construction, Mohammad Siddiqui of Green Construction, Mohammad Zakir of King Construction, Renu Vadera of Kshitij Enterprises and Rahul Vadera of Janhvi Enterprises in the drainage scam of Rs 28 crore.

Anticipatory bail rejected

Both these contractors had also applied for anticipatory bail in the court, which has been rejected. It is noteworthy that the drainage scam of Rs 28 crore has reached around Rs 100 crore. The Municipal Corporation has started a departmental inquiry. At present, no blame has been imposed on senior officers in this matter. Two employees of the accounts section have been removed and sent to the trenching ground. With the connivance of both the employees, the bill had reached the branch. The files of the scam have also been stolen. The officers are clarifying that their signatures on the files are fake.

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