PM takes barb at INDIA bloc

Solapur, Apr 29 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday took a barb at INDIA bloc, claiming that it plans to have five prime ministers in five years if came to power.

Addressing a rally in the district of western Maharashtra, he said, “On one hand, there is Modi who has been tested for 10 years, on other hand, there is INDIA bloc, wherein a fierce battle is going on in the name of the leader. Now these people have come up with a formula of ‘five years, five PMs’.”

“You might have heard the fake Shiv Sena say that the Prime Minister’s post is not limited to one, there are several claimants in every party. Can you tell me, can the country function with a formula like ‘five years, five PMs’,” he asked.

He said, “In this election, you have to choose between the guarantee of development for next five years or those who allegedly plunged the country into abyss of corruption, terrorism, and misrule before 2014.”

Despite their alleged tainted history, the Congress is once again dreaming of seizing power in the country, he opined.

Talking about how the Centre has given unprecedented strength to social justice, the Prime Minister claimed that “in its 60-year rule in the country, the Congress continuously attempted to hinder every right of the SC, ST, OBC categories. But Modi’s connection with you is from the heart.”

“We have accorded constitutional status to the OBC Commission. Reservation for OBCs has been implemented in medical exams,” he stressed.

“It is BJP that has extended reservation to SCs, STs for 10 years. Without taking away anyone’s rights, we have also provided 10 per cent reservation to the poor. In medical and engineering studies, we have provided option of Indian languages like Marathi, so that the dreams of poor, SC/ST/OBC youths can also be fulfilled,” he said.

Lashing out at the Congress over vote bank politics, Modi claimed that “Fed up of the way Congress betrayed the SC/ST/OBC communities for decades, they have completely distanced themselves from both Congress and the INDIA bloc. That is why these people are continuously spreading lies that we will change the Constitution and end reservations.”

“I have already said that even if Babasaheb (Ambedkar) himself came and said to end reservations, change the Constitution, it would not happen. And if our government’s intention was to end reservations, then we already have enough numbers. Today, I am demanding more seats from the country so that I have more power to destroy the conspiracies of Congress and the INDIA bloc,” he further claimed.

Taking a tough stance against Congress, Modi reiterated that, “Congress did not even let Babasaheb’s

Constitution be implemented in Jammu and Kashmir. By implementing Article 370, Congress had insulted the country’s Constitution. But, when the NDA government scrapped Article 370, it became the biggest guarantee of social justice. For the first time in Jammu and Kashmir, SC/STs, OBCs and women have received the same rights that Babasaheb envisioned for the country.”

Speaking about several schemes brought for welfare of poor, the Prime Minister said, “In past 10 years, all the schemes we have implemented for the welfare of the poor have benefited the Dalits, Adivasis and the marginalised. Free ration, free healthcare, pucca houses, toilets, electricity, gas, water — all of these have predominantly reached the most deprived sections of society.”

“Our government has reached every household, every village to connect SC/ST/OBC families with these schemes,” he added.

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