PM not devoted to ‘Janta Janardhan’ but Janardhana Reddy: Cong

New Delhi, Mar 27 (UNI) The Indian National Congress on Wednesday slammed the BJP over the induction of Janardhana Reddy into its party and accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of devoting himself ‘to Janardhana Reddy and not to Janta Janardhan’.

Addressing a press conference at the AICC headquarters here on Wednesday, Pawan Khera, Chairman, Media & Publicity, AICC, said, “Prime Minister Modi always says that I am devoting myself for the Janata Janardhan. But he has never been seen devoted to the public as he is to Janardhana Reddy.”.

The leader also posed some questions to the BJP, asking, “Despite all the evidence, why is the Modi government saving Janardhana Reddy? Is it not true that 20 cases are pending against Reddy, and then why is the red carpet being rolled out for Janardhana Reddy?”

Khera also asked that with Reddy’s induction, the Modi government was not making its claims of ending corruption “hollow.”

Khera further alleged that Janardhana Reddy has ruined the forest and mines through illegal mining and was involved in a scam worth Rs 35 thousand crores. Moreover, 20 cases, including CBI, are pending against him. Adding to that, the BJP has inducted the same Janardhana Reddy, about whom a judge had alleged of offering Rs 40 crore bribe to get bail.

“He was arrested several times between 2011 and 2017. Now that he has joined BJP, CBI will give him a clean chit,” Khera said.

He said the former Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa’s ‘Jugalbandi’ with Janardhana Reddy was very famous, and due to this ‘Jugalbadi’, there was loot of iron ore and rampant illegal mining, and this made the “Yeddi-Reddy” gang famous.

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