PM Modi urges industry captains to go beyond profits, focus on resilient supply chain

New Delhi, August 27 (UNI) Urging global business captains to focus on resilient supply chain and sustainability, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that time has now come for the industry to go beyond profits and brain-storm the emerging challenges facing the world.

Speaking at B20, a part of G20, the prime minister said that India has prepared a framework of green credit which emphasises on planet-positive actions.

“I urge global businesses to be associated with this and make it a global movement,” he said.

PM Modi noted that sustainability is both an opportunity as well as a business model stating that sustainability should not just be limited to rules and laws but should be a part of daily life.

“When we are discussing global challenges at the G20 forum, sustainability is one of the very important topics. We need to keep in mind that discussion around sustainability should not just be limited to rules and laws but should be a part of daily life,” he said.

Modi stated that today when the world is grappling with supply chain issues, India offers the solution.

“India holds an important place in building an efficient and trusted global supply chain and for this global businesses need to come forward and take their responsibility,” he said.

Mentioning about India’s proactive role in making Covid vaccine available to other countries, Modi said that India’s democratic values can be seen in India’s actions and its responses.

The Prime Minister emphasized on making everyone equal partners in progress.

“A profitable market can be sustained when there is balance in the interests of producers and consumers. This also applies to nations. Treating other countries only as markets will never work.

It will harm even the producing countries sooner or later. Making everyone equal partners in progress is the way forward,” he said.

PM Modi noted that India has been putting a lot of stress on green energy.

“Our endevaour is that the kind of success India has achieved in solar energy we would replicate the same level of success in the area of green hydrogen also,” he said.

Modi suggested the idea of celebrating International Consumer Care Day.

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