PM Modi inaugurates & lays foundation of 2000 railway projects worth over Rs 41,000 Crore

New Delhi, Feb 26 (UNI) To give a boost in the infrastructure of Indian Railways, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday inaugurated and laid foundation stones of 2000 projects worth over Rs. 41,000 crore via video conferencing.

This includes the projects of redevelopment of 553 railway stations, 1500 Road Over Bridges and Underpasses across the country.

The redevelopment of 553 stations spread across 27 States and Union Territories, will be redeveloped at a cost of over Rs. 19,000 crore, which will act as ‘City Centres’ integrating both sides of the city”.

The Road Over Bridges and Underpasses are spread across 24 States and Union Territories. The total cost of these projects is around Rs. 21,520 crores, and it “will reduce congestion, enhance safety and connectivity, and improve the capacity, and efficiency of rail travel”.

Speaking at the event, Modi said, “Today’s programme is symbolic of the new India’s work ethic with an unprecedented speed at an unprecedented scale”.

The PM said, “The pace of laying new railway lines has doubled in the last 10 years. From Jammu and Kashmir to North-East… Indian Railways is reaching places where people had not even imagined.”

“Ten years ago, advanced and luxurious trains like Vande Bharat and Namo Bharat were beyond our imagination. While, today, this has become a part of our daily lives” he added.

Modi noted the youth will be the top beneficiaries of these projects.

“It will provide them with new employment opportunities. ‘Viksit Bharat’ is the Bharat of young aspirations.I want to tell the youth that your aspirations are my resolve” he further added.

The Prime Minister said as the economy jumps to 5th place in global ranking from 11th, there is a massive increase in the railway budget from 45,000 crore 10 years ago to 2.5 lakh crore today.

“Just imagine how much our strength will increase when we become the third largest economic superpower in the world”, Modi said.

During the event, the PM also launched Inaugurates redeveloped Gomti Nagar Railway Station in Uttar Pradesh.

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