PM Modi admits liquor scam is fake; ED, CBI have no evidence: Kejriwal

New Delhi, May 24 (UNI) Just a day before the Lok Sabha election in the National Capital, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday came down heavily on Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking him to release AAP leaders who were arrested in connection with the alleged liquor scam case.

Addressing the media, AAP National convener Kejriwal claimed that Prime Minister himself admitted that liquor scam is completely fake and his ED, CBI have no evidence of the scam.

“Yesterday, in an interview, question was asked to the Prime Minister that Kejriwal is saying that no evidence was found in this entire so-called liquor scam, no money was found. On this, Modi said the reason why no evidence was found, no recovery was made, no money was recovered is because Kejriwal is an experienced thief,” the CM said.

“Prime Minister admitted in front of the whole country that he has no evidence in the liquor scam, he has no recovery in the liquor scam, not even a penny was recovered,” Kejriwal alleged.

He further questioned Modi, asking whether your ED, CBI officers are useless? “The truth is that Modi is making this an excuse that Kejriwal is an experienced thief to justify my wrongful arrest,” the Chief Minister said.

“I appeal to the Prime Minister that when you have already admitted that the liquor scam is fake and there is no recovery, then release all the people arrested in this case,” Kejriwal added.

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