Peru’s PM resigns amid scandal over allegedly illegal staff recruitment

Lima, Mar 6 (UNI) Peruvian Prime Minister Alberto Otarola announced his resignation on Wednesday to ensure a peaceful reshuffle of the Peruvian cabinet after prosecutors opened an investigation against him for suspected illegal staff recruitment.

Last week, Peruvian media reported that Otarola had allegedly illegally hired his acquaintance, Yasire Pinedo Vasquez, possibly motivated by non-professional reasons. News outlets have released an audio recording of a dialogue between Otarola and Vasquez that allegedly proves the romantic nature of the discussions about the latter’s hiring. The Prosecutor’s Office of Peru has since launched a probe into the case.

“I announced my resignation to ensure tranquilly for President [Dina] Boluarte during the cabinet reshuffle,” Otarola said on X.

Otarola has on many occasions denied committing any illegal actions and said that the record should be put under scrutiny.

In February, Boluarte swore in new ministers of economy, environment, energy, and defence as part of the cabinet reshuffle. The changes in the composition of the Peruvian government came as the former ministers faced public criticism. As of November 2023, 85% of Peruvian citizens did not approve of Boluarte’s government work, according to a poll by La Republica newspaper and the Institute of Peruvian Studies.

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