People should follow Lord Ram’s path: Iqbal Ansari

Ayodhya, Jan 22 (UNI) Iqbal Ansari, a former litigant in the Ram-Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid land dispute, said on Monday that the Ram temple consecration ceremony has made the day for the people and urged one and all to follow the path shown by Lord Ram.

“Whatever may have been the struggle, on Monday (the day of the temple’s consecration) has become the day of the people. Now, people should visit and see whatever there is in Ayodhya; they should follow the path shown by Lord Ram,” he told reporters here.

Keeping the tradition of Ayodhya, Ansari welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the holy city.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji is most welcome in Ayodhya. Every coming guest is a welcome sign for us. Whoever is there today, whoever comes to our door, we welcome him. This is our tradition,” he said.

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