Panic over Woman in a white saree spotted in park at midnight

  • Panic in colonies due to woman

Chronicle Reporter, BHEL
There is an atmosphere of panic in the park of Vidya Nagar sector of the capital due to a woman in white clothes swinging on the swing in the colonies park and walking on the road holding a stick or an iron rod between 11 pm and 2 am recently.

After the video of this woman surfaced, there was a sensation in the area; people stopped leaving their homes as the evening approached. Fear has spread among the people, they are thinking that witches or ghosts have camped in their colony and they are forced to remain inside their houses due to fear. CCTV footage of this woman has been found in the cameras installed in the residents’ houses.

There is an atmosphere of fear among the residents of Vidya Nagar A Sector due to this suspicious woman roaming around at night. The children of the colony are very scared because of the ghost-like attire. Due to fear they have stopped playing in the park. Women roam in the colony between 11 pm and 2 am. She wears white, red and similar colored sarees. She scares people because she is dressed like a ghost. She has an iron rod in her hands. To remain alert about this woman, posters with her photo have been put up at various places in the colony. However, it is being said that this could also be a robbery gang.

Commission took cognizance

After this matter came to light, the State Women’s Rights Commission has taken cognizance of it. Taking cognizance of the matter, Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission has investigated the matter from the Police Commissioner, Bhopal and has sought a report within three weeks on the action taken against the suspected women for the sake of public safety.

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