Pak supporting Cong indicates party’s hand with enemies of the Nation: Yogi

Lucknow, May 3 (UNI) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday launched a scathing attack on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and the INDI alliance and said that it is now evident the Congress’ hand is with the enemies of the nation.

The CM’s remark came following reports that Chaudhry Fawad Hussain, a former Pakistan minister in Imran Khan’s cabinet, shared a video featuring Rahul Gandhi on social media, praising him.

Yogi said, “If Modi and the BJP win, Diwali is celebrated in the country, whereas if Congress wins, it is celebrated in Pakistan. The people of the country should understand this difference and reject anti-national elements.”

He said that the elections have reached their peak today. “Naturally, those who are enemies of the country will exert their utmost to disrupt the atmosphere in favour of PM Modi during the elections,” he said.

The CM said, “Citizens across the nation must observe how Pakistan is endorsing Rahul Gandhi. A former minister of the Pakistani government, who shamelessly supported the Pulwama incident, is now openly backing Rahul Gandhi, expressing joy in his support.”

He said that this shows that both the hands of Congress and the enemies of the country are together. “If Modi ji emerges victorious, it will be akin to Diwali in India, but if Congress achieves success, Pakistan appears pleased. It’s crucial for the citizens to take note of these statements and comprehend the intentions of the anti-India forces involved,” he said.

Yogi’s comments followed PM Modi’s statement on Thursday, when at his Gujarat election rally, the prime minister too, insinuated that when “Congress dies, Pakistan cries”.

Yogi said that Congress strayed from its path post-independence. “Motivated by self-interest, it initially fostered national division and pursued appeasement policies for political gain. The adverse effect of appeasement policies was that separatism and extremism reached their peak within the country.

“Additionally, the Congress government’s corrupt practices led to the rapid spread of Naxalism. Over the past decade, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts have effectively curbed terrorism, Naxalism and extremism,” he said.

He said, “Consequently, a favourable national environment has emerged, fostering development and inclusive welfare schemes. Even those in the most marginalized positions benefit from government initiatives.”

The CM said, “Naturally, the public favours Modi ji on these fronts. We are confident that the populace will resoundingly reject Congress and the INDI alliance’s divisive and appeasement strategies, ensuring the victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the NDA alliance under Modi ji’s leadership with a robust majority to form the government at the Centre once again.”

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