Pak Senate adopts motion despite low turnout seeking postponement of elections

Islamabad, (UNI) PML-N Senator Afnan Ullah Khan opposed a non-binding resolution by independent Senator Dilawar Khan seeking postponement of elections with only 15 lawmakers in attendance on Friday.

The Upper House of the Parliament has a total of 100 members.

According to Dawn, Dilawar argued that the Constitution upheld the right to vote for every citizen of Pakistan and the Election Commission of Pakistan was bound to conduct free and fair polls contingent upon inclusivity and ensuring the participation of all regional people.

The Ministry of Interior has conveyed serious threats to the lives of prominent politicians, increasing the challenges faced by political parties in exercising their right to a free and fair election.

Dilawar also highlighted the spike in attacks on security forces and citizens, particularly in KP and Balochistan.

Intelligence agencies have warned of militant attack threats on election rallies in both provinces, which could have a potential impact on the safety of citizens and the democratic electoral process.

“The Senate of Pakistan hereby” resolves that the conduct in elections without addressing legitimate concerns, facilitating sufficient opportunities for election campaign, and guaranteeing the safety of politicians and citizens would amount to violation of fundamental rights.

“The election schedule may be postponed to facilitate the effective participation of people from all areas of Pakistan and belonging to all political shades,” the motion said, adding that the delay aimed at upholding constitutional rights to political participation.

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