Over 3,000 evacuated after heavy rain in central China

Changsha, Aug 28 (UNI) More than 3,000 people have been evacuated after heavy rain lashed parts of central China’s Hunan Province from Saturday to Sunday, according to the provincial flood and drought control headquarters.

Torrential rain has been battering northwestern Hunan since Saturday, with emergency response for flooding launched in the counties of Sangzhi, Shimen and Yongshun, and Zhangjiajie City.

The Sangzhi station on the Lishui River recorded a water level of 259.21 meters, exceeding the alert level by 2.71 meters and marking a significant rise of 10.85 meters.

The heavy rainfall has resulted in urban flooding in low-lying areas of Sangzhi county seat, submerging some rural residences. Furthermore, roads along the Lishui River have become impassable due to flooding, and several county and township-level roads have been subjected to varying degrees of collapse due to the intense precipitation.

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