Orders issued to reduce minimum wages of 25 lakh outsourced workers: Bhargava

Bhopal: Labor Commissioner of MP has announced a salary hike of Rs 1625 for outsourced, daily wage earners and unskilled workers working in factories of various government institutions and undertakings of the state, Rs 1764 for semi-skilled and Rs 2109 for skilled, from April 1, 2024 and Rs 2,434 for highly skilled workers. The partial economic relief that was given to the workers has now been taken back.

The minimum wages of these workers which was increased from April 1, 2024, is now again reduced by Rs 1625 per month to Rs 2434. All this has happened due to the ignorance of the MP Textile Mill Association, an organization affiliated to the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, their weak and poor logic, lack of understanding on the ground and the conspiracy hatched with the workers. State coordinator of All Department Outsourced Joint Struggle Front, Manoj Bhargava and General Secretary Dinesh Sisodia have said this in their statement.

Bhargava says that the MP Textile Mill Association, an organization affiliated to the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, called Godi Sangathan, deliberately did not properly present the case of 25 lakh workers of MP in the High Court Bench, Indore, and in collusion with the capitalist contractors, they are working on temporary basis. A weak petition was presented on this basis. Due to this, for the first time in the 68 year history of MP, a few months after the Labor Commissioner issued the order to increase the minimum wage of the workers, their salary has been halved from the Center and their rights have been taken away from them.

Regular employees are getting 7th pay scale

Bhargava argued that lakhs of regular employees across MP are getting the same seventh pay scale as the Center since 2016, on the other hand, the Centre’s outsourced unskilled workers are getting Rs. 19526, semi-skilled Rs. 21632, skilled Rs. 23790 and highly skilled Rs 25792. Whereas in comparison to the Centre, unskilled workers of MP earn Rs 10175, semi-skilled Rs 11032, skilled Rs 12410 and highly skilled Rs 13710. For this Bhargava has directly held the organizations affiliated to the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh responsible, due to which the workers are suffering financial loss.

In this situation, Bhargava requested the Chief Minister and the Labor Minister in the interest of the workers of the state to resolve this deadlock by discussing with all the organizations including the All Department Outsourced United Struggle Front, because the workers of MP who have made India the fifth largest labor market in the world. Efforts should be made to give them minimum wages


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