One party wins eight consecutive elections

Dreams of development still incomplete

Suresh Pandey Panna,
After independence, till now 15 times the people of Panna, Chhatarpur and Katni districts have jointly given a chance to Bharatiya Janata Party 8 times and Congress 5 times. Even after this, despite being an interior region of Bundelkhand like other parts of the country, it is still waiting for development.

It is noteworthy that if we look at this parliamentary constituency, Lok Sabha was formed in 1952 in which no elections were held in Madhya Pradesh from 1952 to 1961. If we look at the total 14 Lok Sabha election results from 1962 to 2014, Congress got success only five times and once in 1977, Maharaja Panna Narendra Singh became MP from Bharatiya Lok Dal, after this, only Prabhu Narayan in 1980 and Dal in 1984. Chandra Jain won as a Congress candidate, after which BJP has been victorious continuously in the eight Lok Sabha elections held from 1989 to 2014. This clearly shows that Panna, which was earlier in Damoh Lok Sabha constituency and after the delimitation of Lok Sabha since 2009, got included in Khajuraho Lok Sabha constituency.

External candidates becoming MPs has become an obstacle to development. If we leave out the two Lok Sabha elections, till now only external candidates have become MPs. Perhaps this is the reason why the external candidates have not taken any interest in the development of the district after becoming MPs. Till date, the people of this parliamentary constituency have continuously given their vote of confidence to the BJP and sent it to Delhi, no matter who was in power at the Center or in the State, but the people always expressed their confidence in the BJP. It is a different matter that no BJP MP or Congress MP did anything for the development of Panna district. If seen today, eight BJP MPs were elected by the people of the district, but even the eight achievements of those MPs did not come to the account of the district and this time BJP MP Vishnu Dutt Sharma was victorious in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, which is the best till date. It would not be an exaggeration to call him a powerful MP because he is also the state president of the ruling party BJP, but with the exception of some minor works in the district, not a single notable achievement or development was initiated by him. Ramakrishna Kusmaria became MP for four consecutive times in the name of railways but he could not bring railways. Even after this, people have been choosing BJP till now but almost all the MPs proved to be a flop show in the name of development. The reason for this seems to be the imposition of imported external candidates, especially by BJP and Congress, because if Lokendra Singh and Narendra Singh are left out, then all the MPs who have become MPs till now were candidates from outside Panna district. From independence till today, Panna district is at the same place and no development is visible. Now the people of the district are fed up with outside candidates. Now again BJP has declared the current MP Sharma as its candidate. Congress will not contest elections from Khajuraho, as per the agreement this seat will go to SP’s account. Due to which the victory of the present MP of BJP will be easier because SP has no existence in Madhya Pradesh.

Congress’s vote percentage decreased after the arrival of BSP: In the 2014 elections, Nagendra Singh got 4,74,966 (54.31 percent) votes while Raja Patria got 2,27,476 (26.01 percent) votes. The difference of victory and defeat between the two was 2,47,490 votes. Whereas BSP was at third place with 6.9 percent votes. Earlier, in the 2009 elections also, BJP had won. Jitendra Singh of BJP had defeated Raja Patriaiya of Congress, Jitendra Singh had got 2,29,369 (39.34 percent) votes while Raja Patriaiya had got 2,01,037 (34.48 percent) votes. Jitendra Singh defeated Raja Patria by 28,332 votes, while BSP stood third with 13.22 percent votes.

This will be the fourth election of the newly formed Khajuraho Lok Sabha

Ever since, Panna district was included in the Khajuraho Lok Sabha after the delimitation of the year 2009 and the first election was held in 2009, after that it was held in 2014 and the third election in 2019. After this, this fourth Lok Sabha election is being held in 2024. Before this, Panna district came under Damoh Lok Sabha constituency.

19.94 lakh voters will elect their MP – 19.94 lakh voters will elect their MP in Khajuraho Lok Sabha elections this time. Earlier, in the Lok Sabha elections held in the year 2019, the number of voters was 15.42 lakh. In the last elections, VD was like a parachute leader for Khajuraho, due to which he was initially opposed by the local contending leaders, this time the situation is not like this. All three assembly constituencies of Panna district, Panna, Powai and Gunaur fall in the parliamentary constituency. Chandla and Rajnagar are assembly seats of Chhatarpur district. Similarly, seats of Vijayraghavgarh, Madwara and Bahoriband Vis of Katni district are included. In the Lok Sabha elections, 19 lakh 94 thousand 330 voters of Khajuraho Lok Sabha constituency will be able to exercise their franchise. These include 10 lakh 45 thousand 349 male voters, 9 lakh 43 thousand 440 female voters and 32 other voters. Apart from this, there are also one thousand 56 service voters.

After the formation of Lok Sabha in 1952, no Lok Sabha elections were held from 1952 to 1961. A look at the winning candidates of Lok Sabha elections from 1962 to 2019.

Election Year-  Winning Candidate-                  Party Name

1962                   Sahodra Bai Rai                           Congress
1967                   Mani Bhai J Patel                        Congress
1971                   Varah Shankar Giri                     Congress
1977                   Narendra Singh                           Lok Dal
1980                   Prabhu Narayan                          Congress
1984                   Dal Chandra Jain                        Congress
1989                   Lokendra Singh                           BJP
1991                   Ram Krishna Kusmaria              BJP
1996                   Ram Krishna Kusmaria              BJP
1998                   Ram Krishna Kusmaria              BJP
1999                   Ram Krishna Kusmaria              BJP
2004                    Chandra Bhan Singh Lodhi      BJP
2009                   Jitendra Singh Bundela            BJP
2014                   Nagendra Singh                          BJP
2019                   Vishnu Dutt Sharma                  BJP

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