NRI philanthropists hail service activities of Sant Hirdaram Sahib

Bhopal: NRI philanthropists have hailed service activities of Sant Hirdaram Sahib.

Shri Kan H. Lakhani, Renowned businessman from Hong Kong

Every facet of my existence today are an inspiration, illumination and awakening from the teachings of Paramhans Sant Hirdaram Sahibji. I shall continue to serve the needy brethren until my last breath. I humbly urge next generation to heed Paramhans Santji’s spiritual path in order to make this world a better place to live which is full of love & free from all suffering. I believe I have received infinitely more than I have given.” I feel blessed being part of JEEV SEWA SANSTHAN (JSS)-AN OASIS OF HUMAN SERVICE. The magnitude, quality & impact of benevolent activities of JSS are beyond description. I admire & appreciate the ‘Bhav & Shraddha’ (SPIRIT & DEVOTION) of all the volunteers who are inclined to serve needy sections of the society whole-heartedly. In other words, these volunteers are true epitome of 3’S – SEWA, SUMIRAN & SURRENDE

Dr. Surendra upadhyaya:
Renowned Ophthalmologist of London

I bow my head in the holy feet of Paramhans Sant Hirdaram Sahibji being an embodiment of Simplicity, an epitome of Humanity & a symbol of Kindness. Paramhans Santji used to say ‘Manav Sewa is Madhav Sewa’ (Serving People is worshiping God). Santji believed that every place is a temple wherein kindness is dedicated & humanity is worshipped. JEEV SEWA SANSTHAN (JSS) is not just an organization; it is a LIGHT-HOUSE which shows the light to the many people who really want to perform dedicated selfless services. Infact, it is a platform where everyone should be inspired to visit and participate in all the benevolent activities for transforming the lives of needy sections of the society.

Dr. Ram Buxani:
Chairman of Reputed Company in Dubai

Paramhans Sant Hirdaram Sahibji, a legendary saint of absolutely selfless qualities I have seen in my lifetime. Whenever I visited Bhopal, I had a fortune to meet & have ‘darshanas’ of Paramhans Santji who lived a simple life, slept on a muddy floor and ate food without salt. Santji always encouraged his devotees/well-wishers to create a facility for the downtrodden and perform those benevolent activities aiming at redressing the woes, worries and vices of needy sections of the society.

Dr. Shiban Warikoo, Renowned Urologist in USA

I & my wife, Dr. (Mrs.) Nanna Warikoo are fortunate enough to have ‘Darshana’ of Paramhans Sant Hirdaram Sahibji at kutiya in Bhopal. We can say that the Lord in all mercy has sent a MESSENGER OF LOVE, PEACE & HUMANITY i.e., Paramhans Sant Hirdaram Sahibji. Paramhans Santji lived the life of utter selflessness, dedicated service & sacrifice which is immortal & imperishable.

Under the leadership of Rev. Siddh Bhauji, JEEV SEWA SANSTHAN (JSS) has been able to carry forward the noble mission of Paramhans Santji. The golden aphorism of this merciful soul carries the quintessence of his life i.e., to serve the old, the infirm & children and see God in them.

Dr. Gopal Badlani, Renowned Urologist in USA

I was blessed to meet Sant Ji in 1992, it changed the course of my life as he showed me the way of serving the elders, children & the sick. Since then whenever I was fortunate enough to be in his presence, he made me feel special. While the name and fame has come my way in the path of working with JSS, I truly believe I have received infinitely more than I have given. Every aspect of my life, my thoughts and action have been influenced by Saijan’s words.The few minutes of meeting with Saijan and the lessons of Sidh Bhau were worth their weight in gold. Jeev Sewa Sansthan has blossomed over the years to be a multi-pronged giant corporation. From medical service, supporting disaster relief, education from primary to post graduate, micro loan, naturopathy center, helping the young girls in marriage, it has the most impressive record.

Dr. Radha Sukhani, Renowned Doctor in USA

First of all, I offer my big salutation to Paramhans Sant Hirdram Sahibji Rev. Siddh Bhauji. I feel fortunate to be associated with a unique charitable organisation-Jeev Sewa Sansthan (JSS) which is marching ahead on the noble mission of serving the needy masses. When Mr. Mahesh Dayaramani, Secretary of JSS shared with me various activities of JSS in the fields of education, healthcare & social welfare, conviction took root in my mind that I have arrived at my destined field of service. I feel getting associated with JSS is my true divine calling. Jeev Sewa Sansthan(JSS) is an unprecedented social service organisation whose energy is permeated with the divine vision of Paramhans Santji and that is why this organization is so powerful. I request you to join this organization which is flying the flag of social service and extend all possible support.

Sunil Tulsiani,
Founder Of Private Investment Club (Canada)

First of all, I extend my hearty congratulations & best wishes to all of you on the 118th birth anniversary of Paramhans Sant Hirdram Sahibji. It is my fortune that I got the opportunity to get associated with ‘Jeev Seva Sansthan(JSS)’ established in the city of Bhopal with the blessings & inspiration of Paramhans Sant Hirdaram Sahibji. I found that Jeev Seva Sansthan is doing amazing work of human service in the field of healthcare, women empowerment, education etc. I have been personally contributing for over five years and feel blessed to see the transparent system of JSS in which everybody is volunteering to change the World.

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