Now it will be easier to collect wet and dry waste in the city

  • RFID systems will be installed at garbage stations
  • There are 13 garbage transfer stations in the city

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Radio frequency identification system will be installed at garbage transfer stations located in the capital to identify wet and dry waste. With this, scanning of garbage vehicles will also be possible along with weighing. This will also make it easier to collect and separate wet and dry waste.

Currently, vehicle drivers reach the transfer station carrying wet and dry waste together. Actually, after daily door-to-door garbage collection, the garbage is brought to the garbage transfer station. There are 13 transfer stations at different locations in the city. However, the need is for 20 stations. But as space becomes available, the Municipal Corporation is building new transfer stations. A new station is being built near 12 Daftar area. Now the garbage vehicles arriving at these stations will be scanned along with weighing. This is because at present the vehicles are weighed, but there is no provision to check whether the waste in the vehicles is segregated or not. Although checking is done manually, it takes more time and many times the waste comes in without being segregated. In the city, these transfer stations are located in Municipal Corporation’s Bagsevaniya, Rajendra Nagar, Bairagarh, Arif Nagar, Yadgar-e-Shahjahani Park, Danapani, Govindpura Industrial Area, Bhadbhada, Kokta, Idgah Hills, Shahpura and Kajlikheda. A new transfer station is being built near 12 Dafter at Jawahar Chowk.

1 crore 93 lakh expenditure annually

The Municipal Corporation is going to install RFID system at all its garbage transfer stations. Rs 1 crore 93 lakh will be spent annually on this. This system will be installed in the boom barrier of the currently constructed garbage transfer station. For this, the corporation is looking for a company which can install this system as well as maintain it. Now the corporation’s transfer stations are here

What is RFID

RFID is radio frequency identification. With this the vehicles get scanned easily. It is a technology that is used to track RFID tags and capture the data encoded in these tags. It automatically identifies objects using radio waves and collects data about them. Also, it enters that data into the computer system without any human intervention.

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