Now, departments will not be able to create hurdles in the name of NOC

  • Exercise – State government engaged in attracting investors
  • NOC will have to be issued on time
  • Efforts to make path of investment easier in state

Kanhaiya Lodhi, Bhopal
The state government has started efforts to attract more and more investors in the state, so that big industries can be set up and investors who want to make big investments in Madhya Pradesh do not get entangled in the web of the ‘system’. The state government has also found a way out; now no department in the state will be able to keep the proposals of big industries stuck in the name of issuing No Objection Certificate i.e. NOC. They will have to give this permission within the stipulated time. An inter-departmental committee has been formed under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary to monitor this.

In fact, the entire focus of the state government is now on creating maximum employment opportunities in the state. Employment opportunities will be created only when all types of industries, big, medium and small, are encouraged in the state. The more industries are established, the more employment opportunities will be created and the economy of the state will also get a boost.

Why there is a need for monitoring of the committee: What actually happens is that whenever a big investor comes to the state and expresses his desire to invest on a large scale, he faces the challenge of obtaining various types of government permissions. One has to struggle for land and then water and electricity, big industries also have to obtain environmental permission, and give consent to implement the stringent provisions of labor law.

Besides, the state government also has to first tell that if they are taking any government concession, how many youth of Madhya Pradesh will get employment from it, or how beneficial this industry will be for Madhya Pradesh. Among all these, the most complicated work is related to pollution standards, permissions have to be taken from Pollution Control Board and also from SIA, hence due to permissions and NOC at many levels, mega industrial projects get delayed, due to which the cost of setting up the industry increases. On the other hand, the delay in permissions also hampers the efforts to establish the identity of Madhya Pradesh as an investment friendly state. That is why now a committee has been formed for monitoring.

Who has been included in the committee?
For smooth conduct of development works, a 13-member committee has been formed under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary. This committee includes ACS Water Resources and Narmada Valley Development Department, ACS Forest Department, ACS Energy Department, PS Public Works Department, PS Revenue Department, PS Mineral Resources Department, PS Planning Economics and Statistics Department, PS Labor Department, Secretary Technical Education and Skills, Development Department, CEO Madhya Pradesh Rural Road Development Authority, PS, Secretary Special Invitee Department have been included. Principal Secretary, Industrial Policy and Investment Promotion Department has been made the member secretary in the committee.

The committee will definitely hold a meeting once a month.

The government has decided the format of the committee, according to which the Department of Industrial Policy and Investment Promotion will send the cases to the departments for obtaining NOC related to the mega industrial project, the departments will ensure that the cases for NOC do not remain pending in them, for this, the committee meeting will be held compulsorily once a month, so that the project can be monitored.

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