No Radiologist in district hospital for a month

  • Poor people are most troubled due to lack of sonography
  • Getting Sonography done by going to private centers

Chronicle Reporter, Betul
For the last month, the biggest government hospital of the district is operating without a radiologist doctor.

Due to lack of sonography, patients are facing problems. The new doctor has not been appointed yet. When the doctor’s retirement date was near, the hospital management had warned the health department that if a new doctor was not posted, sonography would stop and the problems would increase further. Actually, Dr. OP Yadav, the radiologist posted in the district hospital, retired on 31 December 2023. Even after a month of retirement, a new doctor was not appointed in his place, due to which the work of sonography has been affected. Sonography of pregnant women is being done in emergency only by female doctors, apart from this, additional patients are facing problems due to lack of sonography examination.

Pockets getting emptied at private centers

Sonography is done free of cost in the district hospital, but due to the stoppage of sonography work for a month, the problems of the people have increased. The situation has become such that now patients have to empty their pockets by going to private sonography centres. One has to spend up to Rs 1,000 for private sonography.

= I am also aware of the fact that there is no radiologist in the district hospital. In this regard, arrangements will be made after discussing with the health department officials or a demand will be made for a new doctor.
–       Hemant Khandelwal
–       MLA, Betul

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