No connection between implementing women’s reservation and conducting Census, delimitation: Rahul

New Delhi, Sept 24 (UNI) Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Sunday took a dig at the BJP-led Central government over the timing of implementation of women’s reservation in Lok Sabha and assemblies, saying he saw no connection between women’s reservations and the decadal Census or delimitation exercise.

Participating the second edition of the conclave 2023, organised by Pratidin Media Network of Assam in New Delhi, Gandhi said, “The Women’s Reservation Bill can be implemented today by allocating 33 percent of Lok Sabha and Assembly seats to women.”

On the issue of the participation of women in the political system, he said Indian women are not participating in the political system the way they should be. “The single biggest act to help them participate in politics was carried out by the Congress party by providing 33 per cent reservation in Panchayati Raj,” said Gandhi.

Hitting out at the BJP, he said, “When we were trying to pass women’s reservation in Panchayati Raj, the BJP opposed us on this issue. So who is interested in women empowerment is very clear.”

Accusing the BJP of deploying a “distraction” strategy, the Congress leader said his party has now learnt from past experiences on how to deal with it. “We have learnt how to deal with BJP’s distraction strategy. In the Karnataka election, we gave a clear vision, and now we are in control of the narrative. No matter what they try to do, we are now in control of the narrative,” he said.

Discussing the issue of Manipur strife, the Congress MP alleged that the Central government has no control over the situation in the North Eastern state. “The BJP has been playing the politics of hate there. That has destroyed the state of Manipur. I have never seen what I saw in Manipur in my entire life,” he said at the Conclave.

Talking about the I.N.D.I.A bloc and the united opposition parties working with flexibility, Gandhi said, “Amidst all challenges, we (I.N.D.I.A bloc) have united and I have never seen the opposition working like this before – with so much flexibility – because we are not fighting a political party but defending the idea of India, that’s why we named our alliance I.N.D.I.A.”

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