Nine workers killed, 13 injured in fireworks factory blast in TN

New Delhi, May 9 (UNI) The Indian National Congress (INC) on Thursday dared Prime Minister Narendra Modi to order an investigation into the allegation of ‘black money being distributed in tempos’, leveled by the latter against Adani and Ambani and bring the reality in front of the country.

Addressing a press conference at the AICC headquarters here, Chairperson Social Media & Digital Platforms Supriya Shrinate said, “After being immersed in corruption in 10 years, Yesterday Narendra Modi showed courage and made a big revelation on corruption. Now that it has been revealed then what is there to fear, get it investigated get raids conducted at your friends’ places”.

“Don’t be afraid get it investigated we will support you,” Shrinate added.

She also alleged, “The revelations made by Prime Minister on corruption have created a huge stir in the entire BJP and the Government. This has even made Home Minster Amit Shah scared and even officers are scared. All have understood that the government is about to change. And when the INDIA government will be formed, they will be asked what all work has been done for the poor, women, youth and farmers.”

Shrinate said that the Prime Minister seeing his imminent defeat in this the Lok Sabha election was making serious allegation of corruption of Adani and Ambani ‘distributing large quantities of black money in tempos’.

She alleged that Modi got the courage to disclose about the corruption only after seeing Rahul Gandhi fearlessly exposing corruption, speaking out against the corrupt with great vigour and exposing Adani and Ambani.

Notably, on Wednesday Rahul Gandhi in a video message while telling the Prime Minister not to panic asked him to send CBI, ED to Adani and Ambani and get a thorough investigation into the tempo-filled black money allegation.

Shrinate said Unlike the BJP that has made only 22 billionaires, the Congress will make crores of Lakhpatis, the Congress leader said. Adding that all that guarantees that have been mentioned in the Congress’ Nyay Patra — Yuva Nyay, Nari Nyay, Kisan Nyay, Shramik Nyay and Hissedari Nyay — will be fulfilled.

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