Nicktoons Chikoo and Bunty steal spotlight on World Dance Day at Dance Deewane

New Delhi, (UNI) In a dazzling celebration of World Dance Day, the vibrant atmosphere on the set of Dance Deewane was electrified as Nickelodeon’s beloved Nicktoons, Chikoo and Bunty, took centre stage, spreading infectious energy and captivating the audience with their stellar moves.

The sibling duo, renowned for their playful banter and love for dance, surprised the Dance Deewane team with an impromptu performance to the iconic tune “Chak Dhoom Dhoom,” paying homage to Bollywood legends Madhuri Dixit and Karisma Kapoor. Their dynamic routine not only had the crowd on their feet but also earned praise from the show’s judges, including Madhuri Dixit, Suniel Shetty, Karisma Kapoor, and Bharti Singh.

Madhuri Dixit, known for her dedication to promoting Indian culture through dance, expressed her pride in seeing young children like Chikoo and Bunty embracing the art form at such a tender age. She emphasised the accessibility of dance and encouraged everyone to spread happiness through its expression.

Suniel Shetty echoed Dixit’s sentiments, highlighting dance as a universal language capable of uniting people across generations and cultures. He commended the enthusiasm displayed by everyone on set in response to Nicktoons’ call to dance.

Nickelodeon’s campaign, “Nick Says Dance,” aims to celebrate the essence of World Dance Day and inspire children worldwide to unleash their creativity through movement. The celebration extends beyond the television screen, encouraging youngsters everywhere to embrace their inner dancer and express themselves freely.

As the rhythm of World Dance Day continues to resonate, Nickelodeon promises more exciting activities to come, reaffirming the enduring power and joy of dance.

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