NEERI KFT may prove affordable option in treating CKD on its onset: NIUM

New Delhi, Mar 14 (UNI) On World Kidney Day, a team of researchers from the National Institute of Unani Medicine (NIUM) revealed the effectiveness of an Ayurvedic formulation in regulating serum creatinine levels and improving renal functions that they found in a controlled study.

According to the study published in the Avicenna Journal of Medical Biochemistry, the ayurvedic concoction Neeri KFT showed improvement within 42 days of administering the treatment protocol.

The researchers said the motive of the study underscores the challenges faced by patients seeking affordable treatment for chronic kidney disease (CKD). “In India, 90 percent of patients cannot afford expensive treatment, relying mainly on dialysis or kidney transplants in extreme cases.

Therefore, this study was conducted to explore the scientific facts of traditional medicine as an affordable option,” the researchers said.

Patients also experienced improvements in appetite and fatigue, they noted.

Explaining the study, the researchers said the study subjects, kidney patients, were categorized into two groups. “The first group was given NEERI KFT while the other was administered a placebo. After 42 days of intervention, a decrease in serum creatinine levels in the first group was observed.

Furthermore, there was an enhancement in the glomerular filtration rate (GFR). Both of these parameters are indicators of improved kidney function,” the researchers noted.

Dr. Sanchit Sharma, Executive Director of AIMIL Pharmaceuticals, emphasized the growing international recognition of traditional medicine, noting Ayurveda’s mention of several remedies to strengthen kidneys, including Neeri KFT.

However, the study also underlined that an early diagnosis of kidney disease is crucial, as demonstrated by the findings of significant improvements when treatment begins at the onset or in the early stages.

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