NDA government’s priority is to make Bihar a ‘revenue surplus’ state : BJP

Patna, Jan 29 ( UNI) After returning to power in Bihar, BJP categorically made it clear that making Bihar a ‘revenue surplus’ state was the top priority of the NDA government led by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Deputy Chief Minister Samrat Chaudhary accompanied by another Deputy Chief minister Vijay Kumar Sinha told news persons in a press conference here on Monday that apart from development of the state under “double engine” government, the NDA would concentrate on increasing the revenue to make Bihar revenue surplus state.

He said that the government vigorously initiate actions for generating more and more revenue which in turn will help in overall progress of this state and its society.

Choudhary said that honoring the mandate of 2020 which was in favour of NDA, the BJP and JDU have again come together. He hoped that NDA would again stage a comeback with thumping majority at the centre and in Bihar too.

The Deputy CM said that along with BJP, JDU, HAM and an independent MLA have also supported the NDA. Now the double engine government under the leadership of Narendra Modi at the centre and Nitish Kumar in the state, will work for development of Bihar and its progress.

Referring to the poll plank of 2020, Choudhary said that the NDA fulfilled its promises of providing 10 lakh employment in 2021. He claimed to have generated 1.75 lakh government jobs and assured to continue to process further.

For the sake of development, the BJP had entered into a tie up with Samata party in 1996 and since then it contested the elections in alliance with JDU in 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2005 and the NDA came to power in 2005 with a mission to end the Jungle rule and establish sushasan in Bihar.

After seriously reviewing the proposal of JDU, the BJP extended its support to it to save the democracy in Bihar, Chaudhary said adding that conspiracies were hatched to the disintegrate JDU and the BJP’s decision for supporting it was at the nick of the time.

Terming BJP and JDU Alliance as a natural one, he said both have come together for establishing sushasan and relieve the people from the Jungle rule.

When asked about his bitter relations with Nitish Kumar, Choudhary said he was Minister in Nitish cabinet and was with him again to make him a chief minister.

The BJP leader said that the party would focus for reviving the morale, spirit and dignity of workers of both the parties so that the NDA can win 2024 and 2025 elections comfortably.

Speaking about his priorities as Minister, Chaudhary said that all works of Lalu Yadav’s RJD in the previous government would be reviewed keeping in mind his tendency of committing scams.

Addressing the media persons, Vijay Kumar Sinha said that apart from providing Employment opportunity, the government wood focus on increasing the revenue for over all progress under the double engine government.

Sinha said that the party workers had full confidence in the top leadership of BJP and extending its gratitude towards them for saving Bihar from the total anarchy unleashed in the previous regime by the RJD.

The intentions of RJD was only to promote corruption, crime and frenzy he alleged saying that it was trying to transform the “Jungle Raj into Gundaraj” and the attempts have been foiled by the top leadership of BJP and Nitish Kumar.

Realising that the mandate was for bringing peace, strengthening social harmony and for unleashing a conducive atmosphere for progress, the JDU came back to the NDA, Sinha said. The BJP leader said that the party has entrusted a major responsibility upon him and assured that he would serve to establish positive and constructive atmosphere of progress in the state.

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