Nath slams BJP for attack on Kanhaiya Kumar

Bhopal : There was a major uproar in Delhi during the Lok Sabha elections-2024. India Alliance candidate Kanhaiya Kumar was attacked while campaigning in North East Delhi. The incident occurred in the Kartar Nagar area of Osmanpur, where a man slapped Kanhaiya Kumar under the pretext of garlanding him and also threw ink on Kumar.

Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath criticized the BJP regarding this incident. He accused the BJP of resorting to unethical tactics. He said BJP’s desperation is evident as the election slips out of their control. Kamal Nath’s son, Nakul Nath, is contesting the elections from Chhindwara for the second time, and Kamal Nath confidently claimed that not only is his son winning, but the Congress is also winning the remaining seats.

Frustration of BJP is visible: Nath

Kamal Nath wrote, “Those drowning resort to violence. This is the condition of the Bharatiya Janata Party in this Lok Sabha election. The frustration of the BJP is clearly visible from the way Congress candidate Kanhaiya Kumar was assaulted in Delhi last night. If we look closely, the BJP has been fighting this election by adopting unethical tactics from the very beginning.”

He further said, “First the candidates were bought, then the candidates’ papers were rejected under a conspiracy, after that the Congress MLAs were bought, but all this did not make any difference to the morale of the people, so instead of conspiracy the BJP resorted to direct violence. I appeal to the Congress workers across the country to fight all kinds of discrimination with Gandhian principles. This election is slipping out of the hands of the BJP and the victory of the Congress is certain.”

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