MP : We shall not rest until poverty is eliminated : Modi

Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh), Oct 21 (UNI) Issuing a clarion call for relentless combat against the scourge of indigence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasised on Saturday that surging ahead along such a path shall achieve the twin objectives of poverty alleviation and all-round development.

Addressing the 125th Foundation Day celebrations of the Scindia School here, the visiting dignitary averred, “It is vital to stamp out impoverishment from Bharat and we shall not rest until that cherished goal is attained.

Whether it is the sphere of learning, career, politics or life in general; shortcuts can provide immediate gain but one has to toil with the long-term thought. In society or the political arena, short-term benefits may enrich an individual but society suffers as a consequence.”

Highlighting the historic fact that this day also happens to be the anniversary of the establishment of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s Azad Hind government, the Prime Minister felicitated every citizen.

“This is a school programme so how can homework not be assigned,” Modi quipped and then gave the pupils nine tasks coinciding with Navratri and urged them to make these a lifelong resolve.

Underlining the fact that water security is a massive 21st century challenge, he called for initiation of a public awareness campaign in that context.

The PM exhorted the young minds to inform the populace regarding digital transactions, adopt cleanliness in mission mode, go vocal for local, travel within Bharat before undertaking foreign sojourns, take up natural farming, include millets – which he termed “super food” – in the diet, achieve fitness through Yoga and help at least one poor family by hand-holding.

“Gwalior is the tapobhoomi (place of penance) of towering ladies such as Maharani Gangabai who sold her ornaments for readying a force for swaraj. I have a connection with this place as (Union Civil Aviation and Steel Minister) Mr Jyotiraditya Scindia is Gujarat’s ‘son-in-law’.

My ancestral village lies in erstwhile Gaekwad state and the first primary school was constructed there owing to the largesse of the Gaekwad family. I am fortunate to have availed free education there,” he reminisced.

Modi stressed that his endeavour is to create an extremely positive atmosphere for the young generation so that there is no paucity of opportunities.

“Remember my other mantra – always think out of the box,” he added.

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