MP: Increase in excise revenue by Rs 1561 crore  

  • Record increase in revenue  

Bhopal : The execution of 3600 composite liquor shops of Madhya Pradesh was done in 931 groups, as  a result of which revenue of Rs 13,914 crore was ensured, which is 12.63% more than the  revenue of Rs 12,353 crore received by liquor shops in the last financial year 2023-24. More  revenue of Rs 1561 crore will be received in the year 2024-25 as compared to the previous  year. In this entire process, apart from renewal/lottery, a total of 09 stages of e-tender were  conducted.

The state government released excise policy for the financial year 2024-25 on 08 February  2024. In continuation, the execution process of all 3600 liquor shops of the state was done  through renewal/lottery and e-tender like last year, in which the reserve price was determined  by increasing the annual price by 15%. The proceedings were completed through e-tenders by  issuing a phased program for renewal/lottery and executing liquor shops.

In total, 32 districts were executed where more than 75% of the revenue was received through  renewal/lottery. It is also noteworthy that in 7 districts, disposal of all the groups were  completed through Renewal/Lottery.52% of the state’s revenue was ensured through  renewal/lottery, while 48% was ensured via e-tenders.

In order to ensure the maximum revenue generation in the districts lacking renewal/lottery,  groups were reorganized in various ways after receiving proposals from the District Execution  Committee. In this sequence, based on the proposal received from the District Committee,  single groups were formed in the first tender phase in 08 districts and groups were reorganized  in other districts.

In the first phase, tenders were received in 4-districts out of total 8 districts where single group  were formed, which were more than the reserve price. In the performance of these 04 districts,  a total increase of 18.57% was obtained from the annual price of last year.

Out of these 04 districts, Ujjain district (Shivbaba food pvt. Ltd.) had the highest increase of  20.73% from last year’s annual value, and in the other 03 districts, Jhabua (Gurukrapa biofuel  LLP) was at 18.4%, Dhar (Mahakaal wine Shop LLP) was at 17.2% and Vidisha (Swastik Ridhi  Traders) had 16.1% respectively, from last year.

In the remaining 04 districts, when no tender was received in a single group at various stages,  the District Execution Committee reorganized these districts into groups of different sizes and  took up the e-tender process.

Only 3.7% growth was achieved in the year FY23-24 from the disposal of liquor shops; where as  this growth was 11.5% in the year 2022-23 and 9.06% in the FY21-22. This shows that the  growth of 12.6% achieved for the FY24-25 is the highest in the last 04 financial years.

Considering the district-wise situation, Chhindwara district stood first in the state with an  increase of 20.81%, Ujjain district stood second with an increase of 20.73%, and Barwani district  stood third with an increase of 19.66%. Overall, there were 16 districts which has an increase of  15.00% or more than the previous year.


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