Modi terms INDIA bloc as ‘selfish, opportunist, communal, feminist’

Nahan/Shimla (HP), May 24 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday came out all guns blazing at the INDI bloc of the opposition, training his guns at the Congress and TMC in particular as he made final pitches for the June 1 Lok Sabha elections in Himachal Pradesh’s four constituencies.

Hailing the Himalayan state as his second home during the Vijay Sankalp rally at Chaugan in Nahan, Modi said that only BJP can accelerate India’s development.

Seeking blessings of Maa Shaluni and all the gods and goddesses in the hill state, Modi told the crowd that he was in Himachal during his early years and though times have changed, Modi remains same. He even mentioned some old colleagues in his speech to prove his point.

Making a strong pitch for his past ties with Himachal, the PM said he was seeking the blessings of voters for a third term.

“Modi will risk his life for you, but will never let you face any trouble,” the Pm told the crowd amid rousing response as he reminded them of the Congress era, “when there used to be a weak government… Pakistan used to dance on our heads”, he said.

“The weak Congress government used to go around pleading before the world. But Modi came and said India will no longer beg…, India will fight its own battle and then India will hit home,” said the prime minister to the voters of a border state from where many come from army background.

He said: “While I cannot tolerate Mother India’s insult, the Congress does not desist even from insulting Mother India.

“Congress has a problem with saying Bharat Mata ki Jai, Congress has a problem with saying Vande Mataram. Such Congress can never do any good to Himachal.”

PM Modi said on one hand there is Modi’s guarantee and on the other hand Congress’s model of destruction.

“To gain power, Congress lied a lot to the people of Himachal, they said that this and that will happen in the first cabinet. But nothing happened in the first cabinet, rather the cabinet itself broke down,” he said referring to the ruling Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu government in the state.

Cautioning voters about their choices, Modi said: “The Congress and INDI alliance is selfish and opportunistic. They are extreme communalists, they are extreme casteist and they are extreme feminists.”

He said that Congress did not even think about the poor among the general category in its 60 long years, “they also need reservation, but Congress never thought about this. Modi came and made 10% reservation for the poor in general category. And there was no conflict in this country,” he added.

When Modi mentioned the Hati community of Himachal, the crowd went jubilant and the air echoed with slogans.

Modi said that Congress had not even given reservation to the Haitian community of Giripar. “Modi has done all these things to pay off his debt. Due to this, today people of our society are getting opportunities at different places,” he said.

Underscoring the latest example of conspiracy by the INDI alliance, the PM spoke about the OBC episode of West Bengal. “Just two days ago, the Calcutta High Court abolished the reservation of many Muslims under OBC. Many castes of Muslims were made OBC quota by the INDI alliance and the rights of OBC were given to them,” he said.

“By doing this, the INDI alliance robbed the rights of OBCs and flouted the Constitution. Now after the decision of high court, the INDI alliance members are in panic. The Chief Minister of Bengal is even directly refusing to accept the court’s decision. The Constitution and courts do not matter to them. If anyone is close to them, it is their vote bank,” Modi alleged.

“Today I have come to you for the third time to seek blessings for the BJP government. I do not want blessings for myself, my family, my caste and community. I want blessings – to make a powerful India, to make a developed India, to make a developed Himachal,” the PM said.

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