Modi set to secure third term as PM with overwhelming majority: K Reddy

Hyderabad, Mar 26 (UNI) Union Minister and Telangana BJP President G. Kishan Reddy declared on Tuesday that Narendra Modi is poised to clinch his third term as Prime Minister with a resounding majority.

During his visit to the Nallakunta areas in the Amberpet assembly constituency, Reddy announced plans to kick-start the election campaign in the Secunderabad parliamentary constituency soon.

“I am a proud representative of Amberpet. The people of Amberpet have entrusted me with their mandate thrice as MLA before I assumed office as Secunderabad MP,” Reddy expressed.

His visit to various bastis in the Amberpet constituency saw him gathering blessings from elders, showcasing the warmth and familial affection extended to him by the locals.

“The overwhelming sentiment across all sections of the Secunderabad Parliament is in favour of our leadership,” Reddy affirmed, underscoring the widespread admiration for PM Modi.

Citing the remarkable increase in BJP’s tally from 302 seats in 2019 to a projected 370 seats following the repeal of Article 370 and numerous reforms, Reddy emphasized the momentum behind the NDA alliance, confidently projecting a victory tally of 400 seats.

“This election isn’t about selecting the Prime Minister; the people have already chosen Narendra Modi for his third term,” Reddy asserted, reflecting on the prevailing public sentiment.

Amidst discussions regarding the anticipated surge in BJP’s support, Reddy highlighted the inclusive aspirations of people, transcending caste and religious divides, rallying behind the prospect of a Modi-led government once again.

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