Modi mocks ‘Rotational PM’ idea of INDIA bloc, dubs it “Mungerilal Ke Haseen Sapne”

Chapra, May 13 (UNI) Highlighting the achievements of the BJP-led NDA government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday mocked at the ‘Rotational PM’ idea of INDI Bloc.

Addressing a rally in favour of BJP candidate in Chapra, Modi said coming to power at the Centre was like “Mungerilal Ke Haseen Sapne” for INDI Bloc.

Dubbing the INDIA Bloc as Bhanumati ka Kunba, Modi said, “bhanumati ka kunba ekattha Nahin hone waala”( Bhanumati’s clan will never come together).

Mocking at their ‘Rotational PM’ Idea, Modi ridiculously said the leaders of INDI bloc have project a formula of a new Prime Minister every year during give years of rule and have planned for 5 prime ministers in 5 years.

Considering people as a fool, the INDI bloc leaders were projecting the formula of rotational PM, Modi said “Ye Public Hai Sab Janti Hai (people know everything)” and no one can make the people fool.

Modi said Congress and RJD were struggling to save their existence for which they were sticking to appeasement policy.

He suggested RJD to seek a vote on his work.

Referring to the kidnapping, murder, scams and closure of industries during the regime of RJD, Modi said it should put banners and hoardings showing all these activities to seek votes from the public.

Strictly warning RJD not to seek a vote on the work done by the Nitish government, Modi said RJD has a legacy of jungle rule only.

He alleged the Congress left the poor to starve and the economy slipped from bad to worse during the Congress regime but those in power shamelessly stated that “do we have a magic wand to handle the situation”. Congress RJD leaders instead of caring for the poor filled their own coffer by committing various scams, he stated.

Modi claimed that it was he who ensured that no poor would ever sleep on an empty stomach and made arrangements that the poor people should get food continuously. 80 crore people of the country were getting free of cost foodgrain, Modi said adding it was he who guaranteed to give pucca house to the homeless people.

“I have experienced poverty and lived in it and I do not need any delegation to understand these issues”, Modi said adding that in all of his development schemes these issues are at the centre point.

The PM said the election was being held to make India a developed nation which has made its credibility and established its strength in the world. The election was also for enhancing its prestige, he added.

India has hoisted its Tricolour on the Moon and named it Shiv-Shakti, Modi said adding that the country wishes to move ahead in space and progress further and the election would pave the way for it.

Claiming himself to be a sevak ( servant) of the people for whom he work 24× 7, Modi said adding that the dreams of the people were his pledge which he would attain by 2047.

“I am discharging my responsibilities conferred upon me by the people with honesty and also giving my performance report card of the past 10 years”, Modi said adding that the country’s progress in the last ten years was more than it developed during the 60 years rule of Congress.

Highlighting his achievements, Modi spoke about the network of Expressway, highway, railway tracks, introduction of modern trains, number of AIIMS and other hospitals established during NDA rule in the past ten years.

Modi said it was he who guaranteed to give pucca house to the homeless people and provided 4 crore pakka houses to the poor.

He said that the rest of the poor people would be covered in his third term.

He also outlined other development schemes including Nal Jal Jal Yojana, Ujjwala Yojana, Samman Yojana, swachhata Yojana and others.

More than 8 crore people of Bihar were getting free ration, 1.25 crore lavatories constructed for women, 40 lakh families got Pradhanmantri Aawas An additional 3 Crore pucca houses would be constructed for the poor in the next 5 years, he assured and reiterated to provide free medical treatment to old age people from 70 years and above.

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