Modi 3.0 means upliftment of poor, youth, and women power : Dhumal

Samirpur (HP), May 27 (UNI) Poor ,youth, food givers, and women power are the four castes of this country for whose upliftment Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working said senior BJP leader and former Chief Minister Professor Prem Kumar Dhumal here on Monday.

The former Chief Minister in a release said Prime Minister Narendra Modi thought the road map to make India a developed nation by 2047. Under it, the upliftment of these four castes, which he has named knowledge, their prosperity, and empowerment is certain.

Guaranteeing to serve poor families, Prime Minister Modi has said that for the next 5 years, free ration, pucca house, toilet, gas connection, and zero electricity bill will be provided through PM Surya Ghar Yojana. Along with this, Modi guarantees that middle-class families can get good houses at low prices, expansion of health services for their families, and new educational institutions, improving and strengthening the infrastructure to make their lives more convenient. Modi has a guarantee. Along with this, he has also said that he will work for clean air, pure water, and clean environment in cities and villages.

The former Chief Minister said in Modi’s government, lakhs of youth have been given employment due to the system of transparent examinations, a strict law has been made on paper leaks and now this law will also be implemented for the youth, infrastructure investment, construction of high-level services, startup tourism and Modi guarantees to create millions of employment opportunities through sports. Not only this, Prime Minister Modi has talked about giving new employment opportunities to youth through Mudra Swanidhi, Digital Credit.

Prof. Dhumal said that by implementing the Nari Shakti Vandan Act, 33 percent of seats will be reserved for women in the Assembly and Lok Sabha, this is Modi’s guarantee and along with this, the Didi , Modi government has created one crore lakhpatis so far and now they are 3. Will work on the goal of making more crore lakhpati Didis, will give new opportunities to women self-help groups by connecting them with the service sector, will also connect women self-help groups with programs like Agricultural Product Association, One District, One Product, ONDC JAM, this is Modi’s guarantee. Along with this, the Modi government has kept the goal of increasing the income of farmers from seed to market as its priority, and its goal is to motivate everyone to make the land safe through nano urea and natural farming.

The former Chief Minister said Prime Minister Modi is a strong supporter of the fact that only the upliftment of all these four castes will be able to move India forward rapidly on the path of becoming a developed nation. When we make Modi Prime Minister for the third time, then in a way we will ensure the path of progress, progress and prosperity for all these four castes i.e. poor youth, food givers and women power. Modi ji’s third term will prove to be India’s most successful campaign so far towards achieving the goal of being a developed nation.

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